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The delightful mid-century Sputnik chandeliers are among the most popular vintage light fixtures. This great design of lighting has been around for decades and has continued to astonish and delight clients. At once retro and futuristic, funky and rich in taste, the space age-propelled Sputnik includes various metal spokes shooting out from a focal point of a metal sphere, each emphasised by shimmering gem or a bright bulb. From contemporary ceiling lights to lavish ceiling fixture outlines, light up your home with the most dynamic of lighting solutions. The latest designs include eccentric modern metallic and shaded glass pendant styles. Browse our collection now.

Why choose Sputnik chandeliers?

Sputnik chandeliers represent peak mid-century modern style. They are the epitome of style in the eyes of any design lover. The “look” has been attributed to many different leading mid-century designers, and first took hold between the 1940s and 1960s, when people were obsessed with all things space. In fact, the style and name of the style were both inspired by the first artificial satellite sent from Earth. The starburst look of these pieces is a staple of the Sputnik light design, creating a real statement in any living space.

Not only does the design offer an unrivalled sense of futuristic chic, but the sheer number of bulbs ensures that any space is lit effectively, making it a practical investment as well as an attractive one.

Incorporating a Sputnik Chandelier in the home

For a vintage look, mid-century metallic handmade chandeliers are often your best bet. The mostly iron-and-brass Sputnik design is as other-worldly as its namesake. The high-quality chandelier highlights antique and dark metal finishes and an intense, burst-like appearance.

For a modern design and look, you may wish to consider glossy silk nickel or chrome finishes. Bronze finishes are more regularly found in transitional installations, which consolidate design aspects of both conventional and contemporary styles. Remember that your chandelier's materials and finish ought to supplement different finishes in your chosen space – be it a living room, dining area or kitchen space.

While the metal-work of the Sputnik chandelier makes it compatible with industrial designs, it is obviously best suited to those 60s and 70s retro vibe rooms. Given the futuristic nature of many Sputnik designs, don’t discount an ultra modern kitchen or dining room, however, as this type of Chandelier can also work really well here, too.

Shop for Sputnik chandeliers with Vinterior

At Vinterior, we offer high-quality chandeliers made from a rang of different materials, all courtesty of our extensive network of reputable sellers. This includes a host of artisan furniture makers and craftspeople – many of who list new chandelier creations in the Sputnik style today.

You may be looking to light into your corridor, kitchen or living spaces? You may simply be searching for some additional light for studying or working. Whatever your style and needs, we have the ideal decision in contemporary and conventional ceiling lights for you and your interior.

Take a bold, smooth approach to deal with lighting with these contemporary items. These pieces take advantage of young energy, changing a space with a cutting-edge touch. The broad array of Sputnik chandeliers at Vinterior should inspire you and take that step of adding our industrial and traditional items to your home.