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Turning your house into a home is a goal everyone shares. You want to feel comfortable in your own personalised space. And while other items such as an attractive armchair or a picturesque dining table add these comforts to your space, it is undoubtedly the sofa that dominates when it comes to providing comfort. In most households the sofa has the power to make a living room cosy and welcoming or off-putting and uninviting. If you are looking for a cool yet unrefined sofa to bring out the character and charm in any room and make your guests feel as comfortable as you do then Vinterior is the perfect website for you. With a selection of over 1,500 items you are sure to find your perfect shabby chic sofa.

Why choose vintage shabby chic sofas?

A well-placed and matched sofa can really bring your living room or lounge area alive, allowing not only comfort but a freeing new social aspect. If you browse our online marketplace you will see our vast selection of shabby chic sofas with the range and style to match your needs. From true antiques to vintage Edwardian feel furniture there really are many beautiful pieces in all styles and conditions for you to choose from. When browsing you’ll also see the amount of attention and care put into these pieces, resulting in the restored and beautiful condition you’ll find them in.

Elegance is a must in a home’s social spaces. And at Vinterior you will find a wide selection of rare pieces such as restored vintage 19th century French sofas and timeless deconstructed button-back sofas. These examples have the ability to make a room shine whilst not compromising on comfort or practicality. Want to be bold with your furniture choices? Why not mix a button back sofa with soft pieces like a rustic futon or a light wood side table and make your room feel more relaxed and less uniform.

Shabby Chic Chesterfield Sofas

Additionally, you are going to be just as interested in a comforting and warm side from your shabby chic sofa; this is again something you really don’t have to compromise on. Consider adding a 60s or 70s style sofa to your living room or dining area; adding a vintage sofa such as a timeless Chesterfield to your dining area means you complement any hard or industrial designs by simply adding a smooth inviting piece. Renowned Chesterfield designs by the likes of Timothy Oulton are sure to be a highlight of any room.

The unique styles of vintage Swedish furniture would be a welcome addition to many homes; the vintage sleek style and throwback feel are perfectly complemented by the warmth of the material and wood on display, making them even perfect for the more modern and contemporary home. The craft behind the items will also be on display in any modern room. These types of old pieces really come into their own when mixed in with a modern room where they punctuate the clean finishes elsewhere with something altogether more welcoming and relaxed.

Why shop at Vinterior for Vintage Shabby Chic Sofas?

When shopping for shabby chic, there is no where better than Vinterior. We are the largest online marketplace for unique and characterful premium furniture solutions which span a wide variety of styles and eras, including modern and contemporary pieces. With many thousands of items to choose from – each one completely individual with its own story to tell – you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

No matter what your stylistic and comfort preferences are looking at shabby chic pieces is a great way to dive into the vintage feel and a perfect accompaniment to any classic or contemporary home. Browse our shabby chic sofa range today.

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