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A bookcase has a simple function in the home. Right? Well, if you wish to simply add a storage feature to your room then the answer might be, yes. But isn’t a bookcase a rather large item of furniture to add without any consideration for style or aesthetic appeal. At Vinterior we believe that the addition of a bookcase is an incredible opportunity to elevate your space – be it a living room, kitchen or study – to an entirely new level. And what better way to do this than to opt for a shabby chic bookcase. Browse our online marketplace now and you will discover heritage furniture that has the power to make your home a more welcoming, intriguing and perhaps cool place to be.

Why choose shabby chic bookcases?

The shabby chic style celebrates the signs of use and love present on vintage and retro furniture. It takes the history of a piece and puts it proudly on display for all to see, and shabby chic bookcases are no exception.

Whether you are a lover of science fiction, biographies, romance or puzzles, any book lover knows that there is something special about the physical aspects of any hardback or paperback. In fact, many of us love to go back again and again to our dog-eared favourite, as much for the sense of comfort it brings as anything else.

And so the same approach can be taken when considering your bookcase. In any living or office setting you will find a shabby chic bookcase is a welcome addition. In the living room, a perfectly matched bookcase can serve both the aesthetic and the practical needs you will be after; and with a vintage piece like this, these traits will never be unappreciated or unnoticed.

A tall commanding vertical bookcase will take up minimal room but add maximum effect to any home environment. Alternatively, a pair of luxurious and classic alcove bookcases will not only add to the environment by fully utilising any negative space but also provide cosy storage in a room that often needs it.

From your antique collectables to your prized book collections, a shabby chic bookcase is the perfect place to showcase your possessions.

Search Vinterior for vintage Shabby Chic Bookcases?

Heritage pieces aren’t just great for bringing unique character and attractive designs into your home, they are also a smart practical choice. Shopping for a vintage or retro piece means choosing items that are proven to be high quality and durable. Vintage furniture is also a sustainable option because you are rehoming a piece that may otherwise end up in landfill.

As the number one online marketplace for vintage, antique, artisan and retro furniture, you’ll find an incredible selection of shabby chic furniture at Vinterior.

We feature new products, too.

Of course, many of the brands that have enjoyed success in the 20th century continue to produce stunning pieces today. For that reason you will also find new and nearly-new items here at Vinterior – showcasing the quality and style of the vintage pieces of the future.

Tried and tested both in its design and function the bookcase has remained a beloved addition to any home throughout the ages, and with the character and accessibility of our shabby chic bookcase collection here at Vinterior you are sure to find the perfect piece for you home. Browse our online store today.

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