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Whether your book collection is well established or you are just starting out with one or two of your favourite titles, a bookcase brimming with literature is always an attractive feature to include within modern day interiors. You don’t have to be a bookworm to appreciate a good bookcase either. The bookcase offers plenty of storage space for other items and trinkets, whilst providing another piece of furniture to help you express a certain design aesthetic or trend. For those looking to create an industrial scheme within their home, our collection of industrial bookcases provides plenty of food for thought. Showcasing varying designs, sizes and materials, our industrial bookcases offer a simple way to consolidate the trend further. Find the ideas and inspiration you need to complete your industrial look by shopping our industrial bookcases today.

Choosing an industrial bookcase

The industrial look is known for its raw and unrefined aesthetic. First employed in converted warehouses and the lofts of homes, industrial chic has now been adopted in homes of all shapes and styles around the country. And there are few better ways to bring in this utilitarian design than with a bold, imposing bookcase – often built using aged woods and galvanised metal.

Many of the bookcase products found in our industrial range blend a number of different materials together in perfect harmony to strike the right balance between engineered and organic. Eye catching and interesting, the use of metal and wood gives depth to furniture pieces like bookcases to bring the loft design to life. Scaffold board is a staple material for many of our industrial bookcases. The sturdy, rustic texture of the boards is only made more stunning with the addition of dark steel or copper piping.

The combination of oak and steel works particularly well in achieving an industrial finish in the home. The scaffolding effect of the steel structure is given a more organic flavour by the oak. Even in a room that is otherwise neutral and calm – perhaps in an olive green office or an off-white living room, an industrial bookcase like this can instantly bring an extra dimension to the space.

As well as the texture of the materials used to create each furniture piece, contrast shapes and colours help to add depth to industrial designs. Bookcases tend to benefit from linear schemes, with the pigeon-hole design really popular of late. The majority are available as single columns meaning you can buy one or two now and grow your columns as your collection expands. For those looking to take a trip back in time as well as embrace the industrial look, our retro bookcases are excellent investments that complement the industrial aesthetic.

Industrial and vintage

The industrial look goes hand in hand with vintage. Finding a raw and utilitarian piece from the mid-century or even sourced directly from an old factory or warehouse can ensure that your home grows in character and that your spaces become filled with genuine charm.

Recreating such a distinctive style within your home is all about finding the right furniture pieces. Don’t cut corners with high street items. Embrace quality and authenticity all at the same time by shopping with us today.

Ready to get started? Discover the industrial bookcases, furnishings and accessories to complete your raw, edgy industrial look right here at Vinterior.

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