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Every home needs a fantastic sofa. Whether you’re creating a cosy living space, adding seating to a bedroom or creating a breakout area in your study, many rooms begin with and centre around the sofa as the focal point. For many people, leather is the number one choice of upholstery material when choosing a sofa for their space. It’s practical, durable and timeless. Rather than spending money on a standard modern sofa that will quickly go out of fashion, why not explore the rich collection of retro sofas? Few pieces of furniture are as iconic and eternally popular as the retro leather sofa. Discover the many types of retro leather sofas available here at Vinterior.

Finding the perfect retro leather sofa

Leather sofas have been popular for decades, so there are plenty of different styles of retro leather sofa to choose from. First thing’s first: think about the dimensions and requirements of the room in which you want your sofa to sit. How much space do you have, and what shape is the room? If you are placing a sofa in a smaller space, you might want to opt for a compact two-seater. Looking to create a cosy living space in a family home? Find a three-seater bolstered leather sofa that provides comfort as well as style. Once you’ve thought about your basic requirements, you can start looking for the perfect retro leather sofa at Vinterior.

If you want to add some authentic vintage chic to your interior space, choose an original mid-century retro sofa, crafted in the Danish modern style. With a minimalist frame that is normally made from richly varnished hardwoods like teak and oak, and hand-dyed leather upholstery, these sofas were built to deliver lasting quality as much as aesthetic appeal, and make the perfect addition to both contemporary and classic interiors.

Love the boldness and futurism of the 1980s? Find a genuine leather bolstered three-seater, complete with a classic frame in chrome or dark polished wood, and breathe a little retro kitsch into your living space.

High quality retro leather sofas are designed to survive the wear and tear you would expect from their years of use, and many can be found in perfect or near-perfect condition today at Vinterior. If pristine condition isn’t really your aesthetic, choose a shabby chic piece that has been restored or upcycled, or simply purchase a second-hand retro leather sofa and enjoy all the charm and character of a piece that tells its own unique story.

Whether it’s original mid-century leather sofas, classic 80s pieces that have been re-upholstered or and contemporary shabby chic leather sofas, there are many ways to bring a touch of personality and vintage glamour to even the most minimalist interior look.

Shop for retro leather sofas with Vinterior

Anyone can go to a modern shop and buy the latest thing, but where’s the fun in that? Your home space is a reflection of your personal tastes and character, so why fill it with pieces that are owned by all your friends and family? Make a statement and express your uniqueness with retro furniture and decor in a combination that no one else will be able to replicate.

You never know quite what you’re going to find when looking for retro furniture. With an enormous catalogue of one-off and rare pieces, we are proud to supply beautiful vintage, antique, retro and upcycled furniture to interior design enthusiasts everywhere at Vinterior.