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For all the retro lovers out there, the mid-century era offers plenty of inspiration for transforming your interiors. Many interior design schemes of today provide a 21st century take on this distinctive 20th century style. Whilst the furniture you choose will ensure the statement pieces that help cement your mid-century scheme further, investing in wall art from the era can add that extra authentic twist. Our mid-century wall art collection is particularly extensive, so you are certain to find a piece that you love. Ranging from framed prints, wall sculptures and plaques to canvases and tapestries, our wall art provides the clean lines and iconic finish you need to do the enduring mid-century style justice within your home. Shop our mid-century wall art today for inspiration.

Getting to know mid-century wall art

A movement that shaped homes around the world, the mid-century look began to take hold in the 1950s during a time when many countries around the world were beginning to look past the austerity that had been enforced during the Second World War. Now often referred to as the ‘new retro’, the mid-century aesthetic was majorly influenced by the German Bauhaus look, a distinctive style that used fine art and function to create simple, sleek, light and utterly modern furniture pieces. Like the mid-century style, Bauhaus furniture is still influential today.

Wall art is a great way of bringing mid-century style into your home. Rather than simply adding mirrors or pictures to your wall space a vintage piece of mid-century wall art can be incredibly eye-catching and act as a conversation starter. At Vinterior, we supply mid-century wall art from a number of artists, sculptors and designers. Italian mid century artist Fornasetti is a vital part of our collection, and delivers the mid century look that the walls of retro and modern vintage inspired schemes crave.

Inspired by Greek and Roman architecture, Fornasetti took his pieces back to basics. Fornasetti used black and white, the sun and time to create a range of stunning pieces, including more than 11,000 works featuring the face of female operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri. Among our listings you may find a number of interpretations of Fornasetti’s work, including the aforementioned face of Cavalieri in several forms. You may find Fornasetti style canvas prints of varying sizes, creations that look great framed or simply pinned to walls of mid century schemes to create a collective finish.

Shop for mid-century wall art with Vinterior

Whether Fornasetti’s work is your taste or another mid-century artist takes your fancy, embracing the clean lines and minimal fuss that the mid century movement is all about on your walls is easy. Our mid-century wall art can be used to add interest and intrigue to almost any space in the home – be it your hallway, stairs, bedroom or living room. In fact, restrained mid-century wall art works particularly well in a home office, where the wall art provides welcome relief from the monotony of bare walls but does not provide a garish distraction from the work at hand.

Complete your mid-century look in style by browsing our extensive selection of mid century wall art. Looking for the furnishings and lighting that will complement your scheme too? We supply mid century furniture for all tastes and budgets right here at Vinterior. With more than a thousand trusted sellers from around the UK, our online marketplace is the best website to find the vintage items you need.