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Relaxation is a key aspect of any successful home environment. Every residence needs a spot where you can sit back and unwind, or else curl up with a good book and forget your troubles. In order to pull this off, you need the right seating, and a cosy armchair is often the best solution when it comes to creating your own personal sanctuary. If you’re looking to relax, you may as well do so in style. That’s the benefit of industrial furniture, which provides you with both necessary comfort and individual aesthetic prowess. Browse our collection today and find industrial seating and armchairs at Vinterior.

What to look for in a vintage industrial armchair?

You may be wondering what exactly characterises furniture as industrial. Well, there are several key features you can look out for. Think raw materials, distinctive metals and richly characterful woods. Seek out furniture which boasts war earthy tones, juxtaposed with a trendy urban personality. It is all this and more which makes furniture so distinctively industrial. If you love a fashionably stripped back look which feels both contemporary and timeless, then industrial furniture could be the perfect addition to your dining room, living room or even your bedroom.

If you are on the look-out for a piece of furniture that you won’t find in the living rooms of your friends and family members, industrial armchairs are both a unique and practical addition to any home. Form follows function in perfect harmony when it comes to industrial seating, giving your home a traditional look with a modern twist. A reading nook or living area can be given an instant injection of unrefined charm when you introduce an armchair or two with an attractive industrial feel. Even better, the more you use your industrial furniture, the more industrial it feels.

Of course, there are many modern industrial furniture items on the market today, and yet more and more people are choosing to shop vintage for their interior seating needs. There are many reasons for this, not least because vintage, antique and artisan furniture carries with it its own unique character and charm. Every item of furniture you find in the Vinterior has its own story to tell, and by investing in a piece of industrial vintage furniture you are adding your own chapter to that story.

Why go vintage?

Shopping vintage is a smart choice, as well as an aesthetic treat for your home. Practically speaking, vintage furniture is durable, and, in many cases, increases in value over time. The general wear and tear your industrial armchair accumulates over time will only add to its raw and ready appeal. Vintage furniture is also a sustainable option, as items are often upcycled or repurposed. All in all, shopping vintage can be a fantastic investment, and Vinterior is the best place on the web to do it.

But buying new is good, too

Shopping vintage isn’t all we’re about here at Vinterior. While we love pieces with a rich history and heritage behind them, many celebrated furniture brands continue to create stunning industrial furniture solutions to this day For that reason, you will also find newer items of furniture in our collection with all the character and track record of a high quality vintage piece. Whatever style or era you’re after, you’ll find it right here at Vinterior.

If you’re looking to fill your home with industrial seating and other unique additions, don’t hesitate. Get inspired by our extensive collection of vintage, antique and retro furniture today, and discover the perfect addition to your home with our industrial items.

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