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There is nothing better to complement a retro dressing table than a Hollywood Regency mirror. Vinterior has a fabulous collection of Regency mirrors both standing and wall hung, which will look elegant in so many locations in your home. Hollywood Regency is all about glamour and style, a little bit of classic film star mood from the 1930s and 1940s. This design is very much in vogue for modern interiors. Rediscover the beauty of mirrors for your home by browsing the Vinterior collection.

Why choose Hollywood Regency mirrors?

The Hollywood Regency style is all about classic lines with the ornate artistic style of the 1930s and 1940s adding embellishment just for the sake of it. These mirrors are designed to be both functional and beautiful.

Choose from the straight, angular look with staggered, jutting lines, so Art Deco and redolent of the New York skyline. The geometric design is a strong feature of the Hollywood Regency style. The square designs often have staggered lines and make a very eye-catching statement when wall hung or standing on a piece of furniture whereas the rounder more curved pieces are softer but still no less stunning. Hollywood Regency mirrors favour either a gilded or lacquered finish featuring golden tones or, a crisp more modernist look in either silver chrome or a warmer brass finish. Faux bamboo is also a popular design trend for frames on Hollywood Regency mirrors.

Incorporating Hollywood Regency mirrors in the home

Many mirrors from this period boast strong botanical elements in their design, making them objects of beauty as well as practical pieces. In the hallway, bedroom or living room, a Regency mirror makes a great addition. For a Hollywood Regency dressing table, complete the look with a Regency mirror, perfect in a room with softy patterned wallpaper and luxurious drapes and upholstery. Pick up the colours of the mirror and dressing table with grey, white or silver linen and soft furnishings for an opulent yet modern feel or warm gold and yellow for a seriously vintage vibe.

Hollywood Regency style makes a sharp statement in a contemporary setting with some striking but sophisticated pieces reflecting the minimalist look with perfect matching understatement. White or a similar pale colour is an ideal backdrop for a stunning gold mirror with a feathered effect or a grey and silver metal framed mirror, plain and simply shaped but with a decorative border. Sunburst mirror designs fuse the angular modernist lines with the warmth of the golden rays, echoing the retro furnishings of the 1970s contemporary living room to perfection. This will be a talking point as a feature on your wall so display it in a prominent location.

Shop for Hollywood Regency mirrors with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we have an extensive range of Hollywood Regency mirrors sourced from our partners and boutiques to bring you only the very best statement pieces for your home. There is space for a mirror in almost every room in the house and with such a variety of shapes and designs, you really will be spoilt for choice. All our pieces are examined carefully for condition and will show patina and wear that are quite natural given their age.

No matter what style or era of heritage furniture you prefer, Vinterior is the place for you. With thousands of listings from across the centuries and right up to bespoke pieces of the present, there is nowhere better to source your furniture from. Explore our listings today.