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Modernist mirrors for your home

Modernist interior design can evoke a multitude of thoughts. You could think of clean and minimalistic aesthetics, intricate and inspired Bauhaus design, or you might even think of more extravagant designs like that of Memphis design studios. Whatever your preference, modernist mirrors can create an artistically inspired interior that becomes more than just another piece of home decor.

How to find Modernist mirrors?

Finding modernist mirrors is an experience made easy thanks to the inventory of Vinterior’s many vintage dealers. With sellers specialising in modernist design, finding modernist mirrors for your home from a variety of design schools and principles spanning decades is an easy task.

What style of modernist mirror should I go for?

Depending on what you’ll be using the mirrors for and what your interiors look like already, you should decide which mirrors would suit you best. Some styles of modernist mirrors range from very minimal and sleek circular designs with little to no embellishments, whilst others dating from the sixties and seventies can have unconventional shapes and wooden frames. As the years progressed, modernist designers continued to push the boundaries of modernist mirror styles, playing with fragmented glass, geometric shapes and distorted perspectives. The style of modernist mirror that you choose should reflect your own personal style and fit seamlessly with the decor that already exists in your home.

How to decide which modernist mirrors are for you?

If you are a fan of furniture that dates from the early Bauhaus periods up until the end of the mid-century modern movements, modernist mirrors would be the perfect addition to your interior landscape. Being able to incorporate modernist design that celebrates clarity and design ingenuity would benefit those of us who enjoy those specific styles of furniture design. It is best to look at your previous interior decor choices whilst browsing vintage modernist mirrors to best find pieces to match your space.
Find pieces embellished with rattan and gold gilt, rose-tinted glass, and stucco sculpted pieces that emulate organic movement. There is no limit to the variety you can find in modernist mirrors, you just need to find the piece that reflects your personal style.