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Definition of Shabby Chic style

The shabby chic style emerged in Great Britain during the second half of the 20th century. It quickly became very popular especially in the United States during the 80's.
If we want to generalize the Shabby chic style we could describe it as an elegant Bohemian style but its definition is much more complex and subtle.
It is characterized by large, bright rooms with a warm, relaxed atmosphere and a touch of Vintage. Another characteristic of this style is its use of natural and authentic products such as wood and linen. It also favours the use of sober tones such as white or very light grey, which are contrasted by soft pastel colours. A shabby chic interior draws its strength from the perfect balance between styles and colours. It's a true work of art which, when successful, gives spectacular results.

Shabby chic mirrors for sale

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Browse our large range of shabby chic mirrors and find the one that will blend elegantly into your interior, bringing a touch of freshness and authenticity to your home.You will find all types of mirrors: Wall mirrors, Floor mirrors, Table mirrors,Hand mirrors. From square to round, red to blue, framed or unframed, our range of shabby chic mirrors and its wide choice of products will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for.

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