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The later Georgian period is often thought to be one of the golden ages of furniture design. Names such as George Hepplewhite, Thomas Sheraton and Thomas Chippendale were masters of their craft and heavily influenced the period. When investing in an antique piece of furniture, a classic Georgian cabinet guarantees both quality and class. Whether you are looking for the ever-popular corner hanging cabinet or a larger display cabinet, we have some stunning pieces for you. Explore the Vinterior range today to find the perfect antique Georgian cabinet for your home.

Why choose Georgian cabinets?

If you are looking to buy furniture that is a sound investment, then you will find it in a Georgian cabinet that is solid and stunning as it was 250 years ago.

The Georgian period spanned 123 years between 1714 and 1837, with the latter half producing some of the finest pieces of furniture the country has known. The popularity of home interiors and fashion grew dramatically in the 1700s, leading to a massive increase in the amount of furniture produced. Built to last, this means that there is a great range for you to choose from. Incorporating a Georgian cabinet into your home couldn’t be easier with styles to suit most decors. Add a modern twist by using a mahogany waist high cabinet as a TV stand or use as a home to contemporary lighting.

Storage is regularly an issue in the modern home and finding innovative solutions is a constant battle. Consider a hanging corner cabinet to create additional storage without impacting floor space. Often bow-fronted with two doors in mahogany or oak, they can add a vintage touch of class to any room.

Details matter with quality pieces of the Georgian period and cabinets are often adorned with original brass H butterfly hinges that are displayed on the outside of the door rather than the inside. Also, look out for pieces that are dressed with solid brass pulls or keyhole escutcheons. Large pieces such as glazed bookcases or display cabinets can become the centrepiece of your home adding both additional storage space and character to the living room. Larger homes may benefit from a pair of matching corner cabinets while bedrooms can be enhanced with a simple bedside cabinet or chest of drawers with the original brass handles.

Mahogany and darker heavier pieces dominated the earlier Georgian period but as the decade went on, the fashion for lighter furniture and home interiors took hold. Whether you want a large imposing piece or something subtler, the Georgian period has it all covered. Complete the Georgian look by adding Wedgwood ceramics from the period to your display cabinets and make it an elegant focal point in your home.

While a lot of Georgian cabinets are elegant, this doesn’t mean that they can’t also be fun. A quirky washstand in the bedroom or bathroom has the power to add intrigue to any home. Try exploring its many hidden features such as hinged top and locking pot cupboard, it will be both enjoyed and admired by all who see it.

The Georgian period really was a golden age of furniture production and here at Vinterior we have some of the finest examples of the era. Browse our collection to find the perfect Georgian storage solution for your.

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