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Is there any more essential addition to the living space than a sofa? The exact style of sofa you choose depends on your taste, but most would agree: sofas should be comfortable, beautiful and inviting. George Smith sofas are all of these things; inspired by the original Regency furniture designer from the 19th Century, each and every sofa from George Smith is faithful to the principles of thecraftsman who inspired the business. From the signature George Smith scroll-arm filled feather sofa to the stylish leather two-seater and the voluptuous bolster sofa, sink into one of these vintage-inspired sofas and put your feet up. Few furniture companies create sofas that are as deliciously comfortable and stylish at the same time. Find the perfect George Smith sofa for your home by browsing the collection at Vinterior today.

George Smith sofas: supreme comfort and style

Originally a furniture designer for the royal family, the iconic George Smith continues to inspire the contemporary company which have taken his name. The perfect balance of fine craftsmanship, quality materials and customer-focussed comfort makes these sofas some of the most timeless and effortlessly cool of their kind on the market.

Each and every sofa, chair, pouf, chaise longues and stool in George Smith’s repertoire is created in their dedicated workshop in the North of England. The results are authentically British and ever-so-chic sofas that work in all kinds of living space. Whether you’re looking for a cosy three-seater for a family home, or want a vintage-inspired sofa for a sophisticated home study, you’ll find the sofa of your dreams with George Smith.

Available in a wide range of different upholstered fabrics, including hand-dyed leather and suede, you’re sure to find everything you need from this luxurious sofa collection. The fabric options from George Smith can easily be incorporated into homes styled with country, coastal or even modern décor in mind. Similiarly, a vintage leather sofa – such as a an aged whisky brown leather signature sofa, will work wonders in a cool, shabby chic living room or study.

Why Buy Vintage George Smith sofas?

Vintage and vintage-inspired furniture is one of the easiest ways to inject your own unique personality and a touch of character into any interior space. Vintage furniture tells a story and adds gravitas and depth to all kinds of rooms. Whether you’re creating a focal point in a contemporary space, or building an eclectic collection of original and one-off pieces, there’s always something new to discover with vintage furniture shopping.

What will you find? Take a look at Vinterior’s vast collection of antique, vintage, retro, reproduction and upcycled furniture and home accessories, and start creating your dream living space today.

New George Smith style

George Smith’s roots in 19th Century furniture-making continue to inspire and influence current collections. George Smith create iconic sofas, chairs and other seating that are sold around the world, consistently bringing the design and focal point back to the comfort of the user.

Just as with the original George Smith pieces that were created for royalty and aristocrats two centuries ago, today the company continues to produce its own designs and develop wonderful techniques for getting the best out of its raw materials.

Choose from a vast range of sofa styles – from two-seater bolster sofas to sprawling three-seaters upholstered in beautiful suede. And whether you’re opting for vintage or contemporary, you can be sure you’re getting the same excellent quality for your interior space.

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