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The daybed is a handy piece of kit in any home. While the flexibility that this piece of furniture offers is undoubtedly important – particularly when you are hosting guests overnight, there’s no reason why functionality needs to be added at the expense of fashion. Choose a vintage Ercol daybed and you can add a bit of mid-century chic to any living room, study or spare bedroom. An Ercol daybed – also known as the ‘studio couch’ – is the last word in functional, efficient design, effortlessly blending style with convenience to your home, just as it has since the 50s and 60s. Browse Ercol daybeds today and find the perfect addition to your home.

Why choose an Ercol daybed?

A casual-looking sofa by day, an Ercol daybed can be quickly transformed into a single bed for overnight guests, a toddler’s naptime or even just an impromptu afternoon rest. Simply remove the back cushions to reveal the perfectly finished elm headboard, add a chic blanket or throw, and your everyday settee doubles up as a fantastic, eminently usable and ultimately, space-saving spare place to sleep.

The Ercol daybed is an exemplary piece of British design, yet it remains a brilliant addition to any home. If you are looking for a sofa bed but don’t wish to compromise on style, the Ercol daybed could be exactly what you’re looking for, with its arms inspired by the Ercol Windsor chair, its chic elm headboard and those slender mid-century splayed legs. Add bright, velvet cushions for a particularly vibrant pop of colour and you’ll be just as at home watching TV or reading on it as your guests will be sleeping on it.

Ercol daybeds typically sit three people comfortably but with a slim-line frame they remain small enough to fit in the corner of a study or box room, which transforms a less-used space into a guest bedroom with very little effort.

A bit about Ercol Bedroom Furniture

Ercol was founded by Italian designer Lucian Ercolani in the 1940s after he’d worked for established British furniture brands like Parker Knoll and G Plan. Ercolani had a vision to update and recreate historic, traditional pieces of British furniture for the contemporary market and, in doing so, he became a household name. Ercol furniture displays the world-renowned craftsmanship behind British furniture and beautifully showcases carefully sourced natural wood and materials to create heirloom items that last forever.

Why choose Vinterior for an Ercol daybed?

When you choose to buy a piece of vintage Ercol furniture from Vinterior, you do so safe in the knowledge that you are buying some of the very best quality British furniture ever produced. The reason that Ercol has remained so desirable is because it features timeless, classic design with an excellent, inimitable level of production.

At Vinterior, we offer a wide range of vintage Ercol furniture, meaning that if you’re searching for rare pieces, there’s no better place to look. What’s more, we not only offer Ercol items in their original state but also feature listings from sellers that have lovingly reupholstered and upcycled Ercol furniture to give it fresh appeal. Upcycled Ercol daybeds may have been updated with new cushions, perhaps finished in contemporary fabrics or painted in this season’s most fashionable colour for adventurous interior designers.

You can buy new Ercol daybeds, too

Looking for something a bit more contemporary? You’ll also find listings for more recent Ercol pieces here at Vinterior, too. While we love vintage items, there are plenty of modern beds, chairs and daybeds that make up for a lack of heritage with high quality and a premium aesthetic.

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