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While British and European antique furniture is something that many of us are familiar with, having seen it everywhere from stately homes to TV dramas, getting a handle on Chinese antique furniture is a quite different thing altogether. References to Chinese antique furniture most commonly refer to pieces made during the Ming and Qing dynasties, which takes us from the 14th century right up to the start of the 20th century. To incorporate Chinese antique style into your home, look no further than the collection featured here at Vinterior. From chairs to tables to cabinetry and artwork, we have a huge selection to choose from. Explore Vinterior today.

Introducing Chinese antique furniture

Very much like Western furniture design, antique chairs, tables and storage units began with a quality wood. In particular, Chinese furniture drew on materials such as sandalwood, rosewood and mahogany, while bamboo and lacquer were also commonly utilised. One of the most impressive attributes of Chinese furniture lies in the use of innovative and impressive joinery techniques which usually required no nails or glue.

Just as Western trends changed over time, so the style of Chinese antique furniture varies depending on the period. Ming Dynasty pieces, for example, have simple and quiet, minimalistic lines with only a small amount of detailing. These pieces were designed to showcase the natural beauty of the wood through their shaping and carving techniques.

Meanwhile, pieces that date from later periods are often intricately carved and ornate, featuring latticework, inlays, lacquering and engraving for an especially luxurious look that was designed to impress on first sight.

Of course, porcelain is another important feature of Chinese home design. And here at Vinterior you will find an eye-catching array of Ming vases, porcelain lamps and even tea sets.

Why invest in antique Chinese furniture?

While many contemporary furniture brands have taken inspiration from traditional Chinese designs, there is still nothing as authentic and elegant as a true antique piece. Made by hand by skilled craftsmen who had a true passion for their art, antique Chinese furniture has a sense of character and authenticity that replicas simply cannot recreate.

Despite the delicate and fragile appearance of Chinese antique furniture, it is still surprisingly robust, having been built for regular use and to withstand everyday life. Deceptively solid and sturdy, Chinese antique furniture is practical and useful without compromising on elegance, sophistication or ornamental beauty. That being said, many pieces of Chinese antique furniture featured here at Vinterior will have undergone some restoration and repair work – be it upholstery recovering, mending of legs or simply a fresh coat of polish.

Nevertheless, it is true to say that whenever you buy a genuine antique piece of Chinese furniture you are making an investment in culture, heritage and history.

Shop for Chinese antique furniture with Vinterior

Whether you want to add a little Far Eastern splendour to your dining room, living room, bedroom or hallway, Vinterior has the perfect and authentic antique Chinese piece to suit your tastes and requirements. With a network of more than a thousand specialist sellers from around the country, you will find many examples of antique Chinese furniture within our listings. Whether it is a statement dining table made from mahogany, a distressed lacquered sideboard or a stunning wardrobe with polished brass hinges and handles, you will find it here at Vinterior.

Explore our collection now and find your inspiration.