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One of the most sophisticated Italian furniture manufacturers in the market, Cassina has acquired a name for real quality. Elegant and sophisticated, Cassina has worked with many designers over the years to create striking and iconic designs. Some of the Cassina chairs have become so well-known that they’ve inspired a whole generation of furniture-makers since. With structural elements, fluid lines and rich luxury seating, Cassina chairs are amongst the best you’ll find anywhere. At Vinterior we’ve got a deep appreciation for Cassina and have a great selection of their chairs, sofas and other items available. Check out our catalogue for a closer look at their inimitable style.

Introducing Cassina chairs

Cassina has always taken a meticulous approach to the design of their chairs, down to the very last detail. Seams are smoothed, cushions are carefully padded and there’s not an uneven edge in sight. It’s this immaculate attention to detail which has created such a demand for their furniture. The brand has created numerous chairs with different designers over the years but some have achieved a reputation as being iconic. These include the following:


Halfway between a chair and a sofa, this is a chaise longue (or lounge) which features a tubular steel frame. However, the cushioned chair is no boring horizontal plane; instead the curvy lines almost seem to be cradled on the solid enamel steel base.

Originally created in 1928, this style was a huge hit in 1965 for Cassina, balancing ergonomic design with geometric aesthetics. Stability is added to the frame via the clever addition of friction from rubber tubes which sit crossways over the base.

Typically available in fabric or leather, this is arguably one of Cassina’s top designs and so you won’t want to miss out whenever you see these chairs featured in our listings.


One of the most playful creations that Cassina have ever produced, Wink was conceived by Toshiyuki Kita, a top Japanese designer, in 1980.

Quirky in the extreme, Wink breaks boundaries by offering up an upholstered chair which can be moved, moulded and changed. Looking in some respects like an oversized car seat, the leg supports can be folded back and under, increasing the height. If you want to lie back and take it easy, that’s no problem either thanks to the knob at the side which provides adjustable function.

This chair has been created in various colours over the years, with both subtle, neutral tones and bright rainbow colours available. Not for the faint of heart, Wink is a chair that challenges convention.


Not all of the top-selling Cassina chairs were upholstered as they also have a vast range of wooden chairs, too. The 905 was designed by Vico Magistretti and is still in production today.

On first appearances, it seems just like any plain leather chair, the kind you might see in waiting areas. However, on closer inspection the tiny details start to jump out and the quality in the design becomes clear. The armrests have a gentle concave curve, making them ergonomic and comfortable while the legs are perfectly cylindrical, making the chair appear as if it’s on tiptoe. The seat is crafted from a single piece of saddle leather which is self-supporting, providing surprising strength and robustness. A leather back-piece completes this simple yet eye-catching design.

Discover Cassina chairs at Vinterior

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