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You don't need to completely renovate a room to give it a new lease of life. You'd be amazed by how much a seemingly innocuous item of furniture can affect its surroundings. The sink is something we all take for granted, but changing your old sink for a beautiful, durable new design could prove a simple way to reinvigorate a kitchen or bathroom you've fallen out of love with. Butler sink units are gorgeous, practical and characterful pieces of furniture, and would make a wonderful addition to any home. They come in a diverse range of styles, but each one is a stunning design statement that’s built to last. Explore our butler sink collection at Vinterior today, for a simple way to bring new life to your house.

Why choose butler sink units?

Butler sinks get their name from their origins in the butler's pantries of large Georgian houses. Butlers needed a wider sink that could conserve water in the middle of eighteenth century London (where clean water was scarce to say the least); one which was also durable enough to withstand the demands of a butler's job. Hence, the white enamel butler sink we know today was born.

The popularity of both butler sinks and Belfast sinks has endured, in part, because of their unrivalled practicality. The white ceramic of a butler sink is both scratch and heat resistant, making them very useful for a busy family kitchen or bathroom, and their wideness means that tasks like washing a large dish or pan, or bathing a baby or small pet, is much less difficult than in most other sinks. Visually, their design is also timeless; able to fit in with almost every design aesthetic from farmhouse kitchen to sleek ultra-modern bathroom.

The available units surrounding the sink make the most of this adaptability. In the Vinterior collection you will find units in a traditional country farmhouse style alongside modern industrial builds; all immaculately constructed and in possession of their own unique character. These units further enhance the usability of the sinks by providing you with ample storage space and greater surface area – two things that are always welcome in any room of the house.

Freestanding butler sink units

A freestanding butler sink unit allows for much greater mobility. They are available in the same range of designs as the fixed units, and are just as well constructed, but can be moved more easily from room to room should your requirements change over time.

Butler sink stand

If you do not want or need an entire butler sink unit, a butler sink stand may be an attractive alternative. These handsome little pieces are no wider than the sinks themselves, and would be perfect in a small bathroom or cloakroom, or even as an unobtrusive addition to a bedroom.

Why Shop for butler sink units with Vinterior?

At Vinterior, we house furniture from every era and of every style. Whether it's an Art Deco piece from the 1930s, or a neat modern model from recent years, we will sell it as long as it is of the highest quality, and bursting with character. Our range is vast, but we only work with the best traders, designers and brands in the business, so when you shop with Vinterior, you know you are shopping with the professionals.

Browse our stunning collection of butler sink units today to find that perfect piece to complete your home.

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