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You don’t have to own a pet bird in order to discover the delightfully decadent design benefits of an antique birdcage. These quirky additions can bring their own touch of class and character to homes around the country. <br></br>Rather than simply acting as a home for a feathered friend, vintage and antique birdcages are being used creatively in a number of different ways around the house. With a distinct and kitsch vibe, birdcages embody many different eras and can accent all types of decor to perfection.

Why choose an antique birdcage?

Birds are widely associated with flight and freedom, evoking images of nature and sounds of beautiful songs and trills. Even in ancient times, birds were kept as pets. While these early cages were made with more rudimentary materials such as string, later on they became real works of art.

Small, dainty and delicate, the birdcages of the 17th century started to become more ornate, a trend that would continue for several centuries. Nowadays a functional birdcage is typically large and focused on function rather than fashion – putting the welfare of our feathered friends first as you would hope. Yet, there is undoubtedly a place in interior design for antique bird cages (to be used as ornaments rather than as homes for feathered friends).

Using these antique birdcages as a home decor accessory has become extremely popular, with a broad range of styles to choose from. The only real limit on how to use an antique birdcage in your decor is your own imagination.

Incorporating a Vintage Birdcage into your Home

Once you’ve bought your vintage birdcage, there are myriad ways you can style it to complement the decor in your home.

One of the most common uses for an antique birdcage is to hold flowers as a type of centrepiece, either placed on the table or suspended. With blooms spilling through the bars and weaving around the circumference, the end result can be extremely effective.

Another use is as a candle holder, hung over a dinner table to provide intimate lighting and a romantic ambience. The flickering candlelight across the metal bars offers a hypnotic effect.

A birdcage in the bedroom provides an interesting way to store and display jewellery. With valuable pieces placed inside and necklaces and beads draped over the exterior, it can help to elevate a space that might otherwise appear to be a little run of the mill.

Birdcages can be used either as a standalone accessory or matched with other household items such as mirrors and picture frames. With similar styles, such as French Gothic, it’s possible to create a dramatic effect with just one or two small pieces.

Why Shop for Antique Birdcages at Vinterior?

At Vinterior, we have a genuine love for antique and vintage items and we scour the planet to offer our customers the most eclectic and diverse range possible. As well as antique birdcages we also sell other accessories so if you are looking for items to match together, you’ll find everything you need all under one roof here at Vinterior. If you are trying to find something specific but don’t see it in our catalogue, get in touch as our listings are constantly changing.

Are you a Trade Seller of Vintage Birdcages?

If you are a collector or trade dealer in vintage birdcages we’d love to hear from you. We’re always searching for new antiques and vintage items for sale and if you have a pre-loved birdcage that you are looking to sell, our marketplace could be the perfect solution for you.