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The benefits of greenery in the home are endless, from energy and focus to colour and vibrancy. Vinterior has an extensive range of mid-century planters of just about every style and design you can think of and to suit every taste and location. We have planters for outside on the terrace or patio and also indoor pieces which will look stunning in a garden room, conservatory or lounge. In fact, there is no room in the house that won’t benefit from you incorporating a little flora and foliage, and with such beautiful pieces to choose from, you can create something truly visual and artistic. Take a look at our collection of mid-century planters and see just how much a touch of nature can transform your home for the better.

Why choose mid-century planters?

Mid-century design is all about the beauty of simplicity, and that’s exactly what you want from a planter. When introducing greenery into your home, it’s important for the greenery itself to be the star, and for the planter to function effectively. Mid-century furniture design ensures that form follows function, and that every item is as practical as durable as you could desire. However, beauty is still very much a factor when it comes to mid-century planters, with sleek lines and statement designs abound.

Introducing mid-century planters into your home

Plants and flowers have always formed part of good interior design over the decades and, as we have become aware of how divorced we are from nature as a society, there has been an increasing movement towards introducing the outdoors into the home – particularly among interior designers. So you don’t actually need a garden to enjoy any of Vinterior’s selection of planters, they can all work indoors and in fact, some of the sculptured pieces would look fabulous in a large urban space or even a small courtyard. Equally, if you already have a statement room, you might want smaller more subtle pieces that accentuate the beauty of your existing furniture rather than compete with it.

Indoor planters showcase beautiful woods like teak which looks fabulous in a conservatory, creating a real 1940s orangery effect. If you want something lighter then there are taller cascade pieces which allow you to display several plants at different levels, creating as much interest and depth as you would experience with an outdoor landscape.

Likewise, mid-century indoor plant stands and planters act as serious statement pieces in their own right, designed to be very much at the forefront of your interior design, not just an afterthought to add some greenery. For those who prefer a subtler look, vases, jugs, pots and urns from the mid-century allowing you to showcase either plants or fresh flowers in a tasetful way.

Shop for mid-century planters with Vinterior

Finding mid-century and vintage planters can be a bit of a niche market, meaning high quality items could be difficult to find if you were relying on your local marketplace or second hand furniture shop. Thankfully, there is somewhere you can find a vast array of high quality planters and other furniture items from throughout history, and that place is of course, right here at Vinterior.

We are the largest online marketplace for unique furniture, housing thousands of items which have been carefully selected from more than one thousand trusted sellers, brands, boutiques and designers for their character, quality and charm. In fact, every piece in our collection has its own story to tell, so you know you are getting something completely individual to you.

At Vinterior, you’ll find everything from vintage and antique items to mid-century and retro furniture and even contemporary pieces and bespoke options. So whatever style you prefer, there is sure to be something for your home in our collection.

Get inspired by our selection of mid-century planters today and who knows, you may even find the perfect addition to your interior design.