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Mid Century Modern Plant Pots and Planters

Clean lines. Organic curves. Minimal fuss. Mid century modern plant pots pair perfectly with an understated room. The focus is on function so you’ll find exquisite design features and materials to match.
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Mid century modern plant pots

From pretty plant pots to house your favourite indoor plants to larger mid century modern planters to add a statement to your garden, we have it all. Form follows function when it comes to mid century design. So you’ll find an attention to detail and functional pieces that will soon become firm favourites. Mid century modern style also has a strong focus on materials. Plastic is popular, and is cleverly used to ensure it retains its own function, rather than being created to imitate wood. Wood, vinyl, glass, lucite and plexiglass are all popular in mid century modern furniture too. When it comes to colour palettes there’s a huge variety. Black and white, neutrals and bold colours all feature in different designers’ work.

What’s the difference between mid century modern plant pots and mid century modern planters?

The difference is simple but often confused. Planters are made for seedlings and young plants, so tend to have holes in the bottom. Plant pots are for mature plants so don’t have any holes for drainage.

How to style mid century modern planters and pots

Mid century modern plant pots and planters come in a variety of styles, shapes and materials. So they can be styled to suit your taste. Bring the outdoors indoors. Lacking in outside space or just a lover of plants? Bring all of those plants indoors with our mid century modern planters. House them on a shelving unit or sideboard. And add some other pieces of interest like vintage vases and picture frames. The most obvious use for your mid century plant pots and planters is to brighten up an outdoor area. Pair colourful flowers with more austere materials like concrete for a beautiful contrast. Or add cactuses and other plants to give more shapes and depth of colour to an ornate pot.

Where to buy mid century modern plant pots?

You can buy mid century plant pots online. At Vinterior we allow you to skip searching antique shops and boutiques for hours to find your perfect planter. Instead, search items from our community of over 1,800 sellers and find the one you’re looking for in minutes. Plus, shop happy, knowing you’re supporting small local businesses through Vinterior.