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The bedside table has always had a place in the home. Where else would you put your book and glasses. And long before you had a digital alarm clock people were using these tables to rest their candles and oil lamp? The earliest known style of what we would refer to in contemporary furniture as the bedside table is from the mid-18th century. Made of mahogany, the table took the form of a tray top cabinet and resembled a small chest of drawers. It was a treasured piece of furniture found in the master bedroom of the wealthier class but has evolved over the years to be more flexible across all types of homes. A bedside table not only helps in playing a supporting role to handle our hand-to-hand small equipment but also completes the classic visual of a bedroom. A bed without a bedside table is as complete as a living room without a comfortable sofa. Take a look at some of the beautiful antique bedside tables we have available here at Vinterior. Among our listings you will find a wide range of classic designs, high profile names and furniture styles.

What to look for in antique bedside tables

During the Georgian period, bedside tables became smaller and simpler. The most common style of the table consisted of square tapered legs with a single cupboard usually made in darker wood such as mahogany. While the majority of bedside tables from the 18th century and earlier have not survived to today, there are many more examples of Victorian furniture that have stood the test of time. Victorian-era bedside tables from the 19th century can often be characterized by their classic ornate features, sometimes featuring French influences, and typically made from rich woods such as walnut, teak and mahogany in the traditional style.

Mahogany bedside tables from the early 20th century are the most common type of antique bedside tables available. Standing on square legs chamfered at the back of the legs to make them look less heavy, the top usually has a shaped tray top border with handle grips, either cut out or adjusted, for ease of movement to shift the table when required.

Why choose antique bedside tables?

Antique bedside tables are versatile and can in fact serve many purposes around a home. They can be used as a coffee table to be placed at the centre of the room for guests or even between a pair of chairs to act as a central focus point to carry drinks or hold ornaments.

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