Vintage Bronze Sculptures

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Vintage bronze sculptures are considered to be those made from the original moulds and cast by the licensed foundries in the lifetime and with the agreement of the artist or authorised by the artist’s heirs after the death of the artist. These sculptures hold a unique charisma and are a great investment too. The use of bronze for casting sculptures is an old one and is believed that the first bronze items were used in Asia in about 3500BC. Today it is still very popular and sought after medium in the Arts. It is a durable material and like copper, over time will attain a deeper colour and patina. Vintage bronze sculptures can be bought from Vinterior.

How vintage bronze sculptures were made?

Once the bronze sculpture was cast it was allowed to cool and the rod/sprue marks are chased and re-detailed by hand. Any scars left by the rods are carefully blended to match the rest of the surface. The skilled chaser painstakingly added the detail to the sculpture’s surface as intended by the artist. This process is quite individual to each sculptor, similar to the brush strokes that may be recognised in a painter’s work. The overall quality of the surface detail helps determine both age and authenticity.

Why invest in vintage bronze sculptures?

A vintage bronze sculpture collection is a wonderful thing. They are known to blend in with almost all kinds of design elements or other standout pieces of art. Ever since ancient craftsmen developed their skills of casting beautiful sculptures from bronze, buyers and art collectors have been looking to add a much-needed touch of elegance to their homes, office, stores and other interiors as well as exterior decors through this medium.
Vintage bronze sculptures are thoroughly appraised original sculptures and available in every imaginable size and style for interested buyers to choose from.

Where to buy vintage bronze sculptures?

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Here at Vinterior online store, you can find bronze sculptures in all shapes and sizes, right up to life-size bronze statues or even larger to impress which may be displayed either indoors or outdoors and amaze those who set eyes upon them.