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Here at Vinterior, we created this marketplace so you could find unique items of furniture and décor without having to spend hours researching and hunting down specialised furniture boutiques. Instead of going to the dealers, we’ve brought the best dealers in Britain to you. From the comfort of your favourite sofa with your cat purring by your side, you can start browsing through our many listings to hunt down a real treasure.
Some of our most sold items are antique taxidermy. Taxidermy is a fabulous way of appreciating nature after it has passed and even can be used to aid study. Whether its visual pleasure or exam preparation, our marketplace will have the most suitable taxidermy for sale for you. Our marketplace contains a selection of Victorian and post Victorian taxidermy for sale, featuring a wide array of animals and environments. Check them all out right now!

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The Features Of Taxidermy

For those unfamiliar, taxidermy is when an animal’s body is preserved by either stuffing the dead animal or mounting it to a wall. The animal is then left on display to intrigue and wow guests or can be used to a more specific niche within study and research. The animal is usually left posing in a lifelike state so you get to imagine it in its previous state. Popular choices for the purpose of taxidermy are fish, birds and if possible and legal, exotic animals.

Some pieces can be extremely beautiful such as partridges perched on stone or thrushes placed in front of a painting to make the picture come to life. Other pieces can be more intriguing than beautiful such as insects, Boars, cod skulls and many more unusual designs. As you can get a range of different animals, the taxidermy itself can be made in different sizes to suit different spaces.

Why Buy Taxidermy?

Taxidermy was in its heyday during the Victorian era. After the interest in John Hancock’s exhibition of stuffed birds at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851, they became a grand statement in the homes of the era’s elite and wealthy. Victorian taxidermy was, and still is, considered to be a special form of art to be admired.

Buying taxidermy is a great option because it can enhance your room with the animals you love. If you’re a big fan of birds, frogs, fish or something else, you’ll be able to find taxidermy animals that match your preferences. Not to mention that taxidermy can work with a host of current interiors, so you needn’t start redecoration plans just to match a taxidermy animal into your current surroundings.

If you consider antique taxidermy to other options, there’s a good chance you’re making an environmentally-friendly decision. Choosing taxidermy means you give a second use to the animal rather than finding ornaments and other décor that require new materials to make. This is why taxidermy can be the wiser and greener choice, especially if your other idea was a mass-produced item.

Taxidermy for Sale

If you’re floating the idea of taxidermy around, why not take a look at examples to help you decide? You’re already on our marketplace so there’s no reason not to while you’re here. Even if you decide taxidermy isn’t for you, you might see something else you like.

Some of you might not even want to buy anything at all and that’s okay. Come and browse through our listings to get quality inspiration at no cost at all. You’ll be surprised at what you might see.

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