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Antique Scandinavian Rugs

Scandi style has been hitting the headline hard for most of the 21st century. The ubiquitous hygge trend had us all reaching for the sheepskin and natural wood. But there’s a lot more to Scandinavian chic than hot chocolate and matching pyjamas. A byword for restrained chic since the 1920s, it’s a great design theme choice for anyone who values comfort but doesn’t want to sacrifice aesthetics.
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  • What is Scandinavian style?

    Let’s take it back to school for a second. Can you name the Scandi countries? Don’t worry we’re not scoring you…Made up of three Northern European countries, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Half a point if you said Finland or Iceland as these are Nordic rather than strictly Scandi. How is Scandinavian style best described? And no we aren’t just talking IKEA, although design classics from the famous Swedish store are thoroughly in demand and you’ll find plenty on Vinterior. There are several key elements. Clean simple lines and minimalism go hand in hand, edges are well defined, colour is scarce and clutter is nowhere to be seen. Coming to a peak in the 1950s, Scandi style borrows some of its roots from the mid century modern movement but focuses on lighter toned materials and a greater sense of bringing the outdoors in. With all this functional practicality it’s easy to think that comfort isn’t a priority. But with natural wooden floors being an iconic trademark of Scandinavian style, the addition of an antique Scandinavian rug is both a necessity for cosiness and to add a little colour and personality.
  • Styling your antique Scandinavian rug

    One of the fastest ways to completely change the style and feel of a room is with a rug. And if you’re new to Scandinavian modern style then the purchase of your antique Scandinavian rug might just set you on the path to wanting to experiment more with the trend. Keep in mind a sense of practicality and invest in pieces that both work and play hard like a set of Scandinavian modern armchairs. Think glossy wooden backs, leather seats and practical hard wearing styles. Can’t resist a little bit of hygge? Drape a sheepskin over the back to soften and warm. Want to Scandi up your living space with zero fuss whatsoever? Pair your antique Scandinavian rug with a couple of Scandinavian cushions and a throw for a low commitment nod to the trend. Keep fabrics natural and colours pared down to monochromes, taupes and greys with touches of rustic tones like greens and yellows. Totally bitten by the bug? Antique Scandinavian rugs are perfect for home office spaces as the form plus function equation lends itself perfectly to practical pieces. Place a Scandinavian desk on top of your antique Scandinavian rug for a wfh space that you won’t want to keep for just 9-5.