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The Scandinavian interior design trend is only rising in popularity. An excellent option for rooms big and small, Scandi schemes provide a simplicity that isn’t often seen in the latest interior design aesthetics. For all the modernity and minimalism, however, comes bags of cosiness, comfort and warmth, qualities that should always be embraced in the home environment. Our rya rugs offer the tradition, rich texture and comfort that should always be a part of Scandi schemes. With a diverse range of rya rugs to choose from right here at Vinterior, you’re certainly in the right place to find the stunning traditional Scandinavian wool rugs you’ve been searching for. Get the look today by browsing our rya rugs collection.

Why choose rya rugs?

Although rya means “rug” in English, rya rugs actually have very distinctive characteristics that make them iconic parts of Scandinavian design. Featuring a long pile of between 1 and 3 inches, and made using a very specific Ghiordes knot, rya rugs offer a double sided, shag pile luxury that you just don’t get with modern rug designs or short pile vintage rugs. Classic rya rugs are also made from pure wool, a material choice that guarantees a deep, dense pile, and unbeatable comfort underfoot.

As well as providing the tactile, texture rich design that’s favoured across Scandi schemes, investing in one of our rya rugs is to own your own piece of Nordic history. Despite being at the height of their popularity during the 1970s – just one of the reasons why you’ll see numerous retro designs in our rya rug collection – they have a fascinating heritage that goes back as far as the early 15th century. Whether going antique, vintage or retro with your choice, your rya rug provides cosy indoor warmth that will keep you satisfied from season to season, even during the bleak Scandinavian winters.

Incorporating rya rugs into your home

Thanks to their versatility and cosiness, rya rugs look and feel great in any room. These rugs help interior designers and home improvers strike the right balance between modern and traditional, with fantastic results. Many of the rya rugs we supply courtesy of our work with over 1,000 independent boutiques, sellers and dealers sport stylish patterns and playful colours. Whilst some patterns are indeed more retro than others, the sparse lines and use of geometric prints make many designs the perfect addition to classic, contemporary and ultra-modern interior design schemes.

Your rya rug is there to make a stunning home décor statement, with the design you choose easily able to transform living areas, bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways, stairways and even kitchens. The Nordic inspired scenes that we love so much aren’t just defined by the neutral colour palettes they put centre stage. The furniture, lighting and accessories used to ensure an authentic interpretation of this stunning scheme will not only complement but consolidate your final finish.

Why shop for rya rugs with Vinterior?

At Vinterior, we feature rya rugs in a range of shapes, sizes and styles. As well as showcasing quality products sourced directly from boutiques and sellers that adore the Scandi trend too, we also provide rya rugs from a variety of well-known designers. Among our listings for example you may find a Marianne Richter Rya Rug.

Whatever designer you admire or rya rug style you love, shopping with Vinterior will help you unlock the stunning accessories you need to do your Scandi inspired space justice.