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Antique Caucasian Rugs

Eye-catching. Warm. Hard wearing. Antique Caucasian rugs are beautiful heirloom pieces that clearly demonstrate the skill of their makers. Created by some of the 350 different tribes present in the Caucasus, these vibrant textiles offer an astounding variety of designs that reflect the unique culture of each weaving village. Browse the Vinterior website for a chance to own one of these gorgeous antique carpets.
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  • What are antique Caucasian rugs?

    The term antique Caucasian rug refers to any floor covering produced in the Caucasus more than 100 years ago. This is the region surrounding the Caucasus Mountains and encompasses Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and parts of Russia. The rugs were primarily crafted in villages by the local populations and generally consist of wool pile on a wool or goats’ hair base. Kazahk, Karabakh, Quba, Shirvan and Dagestan have the strongest and most prominent weaving traditions, with most antique Caucasian rugs originating in these areas. The warm and durable carpets usually feature stylised floral designs in an array of vibrant colours.
  • What are the differences between antique Caucasian rugs and antique Turkish rugs?

    The main difference between antique Caucasian rugs and antique Turkish rugs is of course the region in which the floor coverings were produced. Caucasian rugs come from the Caucasus, whilst Turkish rugs are made in what was once the Ottoman Empire. However, due to the regions’ geographical proximity, the carpets share many characteristics, such as their intricate designs and the use of the Turkish knotting technique. Conversely, antique Caucasian rugs tend towards contrasting shades as opposed to the subtle hues that typify Turkish floor coverings. They come in a wide range of colours, with deep green, rose-pink and bright yellow textiles being the rarest and thus most expensive. Like Turkish rugs, Caucasian carpets often have floral motifs, but the latter tend towards abstract, linear renderings, rather than soft and flowing designs. Animals and mythical creatures also feature in antique Caucasian rugs.
  • Where can I find antique Caucasian rugs for sale?

    If you’re looking to purchase an antique Caucasian rug for your home, Vinterior can help. Our community of over 1,800 independent boutiques and small local shops are skilled at identifying authentic, high-quality textiles which they then list for sale on the Vinterior website. Browse thousands of different carpets from every corner of the Caucasus region to find the perfect piece for your living room, study or bedroom. Want to find more unique ornaments to add that extra je ne sais quoi to your décor? You could also check out our collection of sculptures or our extensive range of vintage collectibles.