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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Oriental Rugs

Antique Oriental Rugs

Whether used to warm up floorboards or flagstones, add decorative interest to living spaces or reflect an appreciation for other cultures, an antique oriental rug will make a beautiful addition to your home. From decorative antique Afghan rough to Chinese rugs from the 18th century, you’ll discover the perfect piece at Vinterior.Available in a vast range of colours and designs, each antique carpet has its own unique history and story to tell. Sourced by our network of antique dealers and specialist sellers, every item in our marketplace is a high-quality, characterful example of oriental craftsmanship.Explore the entire edit of antique rugs for sale at Vinterior and find your one-of-a-kind today.

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What are the different types of antique oriental rug?

Websites advertising antique oriental rugs for sale can cause a little confusion, primarily due to the conflicting and controversial uses of the term oriental. When it comes to soft furnishings, the word is never used derogatorily, but simply exists to distinguish between textiles produced in different parts of the world. Nevertheless, oriental is a broad term that covers a wide geographical area to the east of the Meditteranean.

In terms of rugs, it denotes any floor coverings made in the so-called ‘Rug Belt’; a vast geographical area stretching from North Africa to China and extending as far south as India and as far north as the Caucasus. This includes separate categories. You can also browse by specific region, such as Moroccan rugs and Persian rugs.

The antique oriental rugs for sale on our website include textiles from any area not covered by these categories. Antique oriental rugs vary widely in terms of size, style, material and colour, reflecting the incredible diversity of cultures across the Middle East and Asia. From delicate Chinese floral designs to richly ornamental Indian textiles to strikingly geometric Kazakh carpets, there is something for every taste and décor style. Explore the Vinterior website to find your preferred design.

Where can I find antique oriental rugs for sale?

Vinterior offers an extensive range of antique oriental rugs for sale. Over the past few years, we have forged links with thousands independent dealers across the globe, all of whom share our passion for top-quality craftsmanship and beautiful antique products. If you have a clear idea of the antique oriental rug or carpet you are looking for, you can filter your search results by categories including colour, size, price, material and country of origin. If not, you can simply browse the collection of antique oriental rugs for sale on our website and take your pick.

What is the best way to style antique oriental rugs and carpets?

How you choose to style antique oriental rugs and carpets depends on the atmosphere you want to create and practical constraints, such as the size and composition of different rooms. Some antique textiles may be delicate, depending on their age and the type of fibre they are woven from. If you’re concerned about your rug’s resistance to everyday wear and tear, it may be better to place it away from high-traffic areas or to display it on the wall as a tapestry.

Brightly coloured or patterned antique oriental rugs and carpets can make a striking focal point in any room, adding a pop of colour to a neutral-toned space. More muted or faded floor coverings can be placed under coffee tables or used to warm up a bedroom or study. Whichever antique oriental rug you choose, it’s sure to add instant character and interest to your home.

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