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Antique Kitchenware

Antique kitchenware setups and display pieces can bring another level to your next dinner party. From French antique copper kitchenware and Victorian hand-marked silver cutlery, Edwardian toast racks, and Mediterranean terracotta olive oil pots, there’s a host of antique kitchenware options to decorate and utilise within your kitchen.

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Antique kitchenware

Materials used in antique kitchenware were carefully selected because of the cooking and storage needs of older civilisations. Kitchenware needed to be able to keep the moisture in food, as well as being heatproof, so as not to melt, burn or crumble while it was used in cooking. These carefully crafted pieces were built to last and usually made by hand, showing the unique details of each craftsman.

Our selection of antique cooking pots and pans, silverware, trays and more are a unique addition to your kitchen. Purchase them as beautiful items to serve with, or an eye catching kitchen display with a story to tell. Browse our vintage silverware to add sophistication to your dinner parties. Or transform a room by adding a touch of the past with our Egyptian brass or Japanese Papier Mache vintage trays. For hand crafted details and a nod to the past, a Victorian decanter set can create a central focal point with its traditional deep colours of Bristol blue and emerald green.

Antique copper kitchenware

We offer a range of carefully selected antique copper kitchenware items. These Georgian and Victorian styles of kettles, pans, utensils, trays, and jugs offer something different for your home. You can also find unique pieces like copper jelly and chocolate molds in our vintage copper collection. Copper cooking pots, jars and coal scuttles bring a sense of nostalgia as single units, and can also be coupled with other copper pieces to bring a stronger sense of history to your home. Antique copper kitchenware isn’t just for use in cooking, it can also be used as a vase, placed around a fire, and filled with dry flowers such as lavender or oat grass for a more rustic feel.