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Crystal Bowls

For the ultimate in sophistication and elegance, select lead crystal when adding to your glassware collection. Crystal bowls can house your fruit, some sweet treats, or even a spot of kitsch potpourri with ease. Originating in ancient China, lead crystal glass has been used for centuries to create stunning sculptural pieces that not only look beautiful but are functional and long-lasting. Explore our curated collection of crystal fruits bowls, rose bowls and more to elevate your home decor.

Keen to inject some colour into your interior scheme? A beautiful 1960s iridescent blue crystal fruit bowl adorning a sideboard or teak-fuelled bookcase can add that pop of colour you crave. Or why not curate a collection of glassware that includes ornate silver-edged crystal rose bowls, and pieces by lead crystal masters like Per Lutken, Lalique, and Rosenthal?

We’ve hand-picked the finest examples of vintage lead crystal bowls from across the U.K. and Europe. There’s no need to hot foot it to antique shops, auctions or flea markets. We’ve got you covered right here. So what are you waiting for? Unearth your dream crystal bowl today.

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What is lead crystal glass?

Most glass is potash glass. However, in lead glass, the calcium in potash glass is replaced with lead. This lead glass crystal is renowned for its clarity, quality, and strength. Lead crystal doesn’t actually have a crystal element, but has retained this colloquial name. If you pick up a crystal bowl and tap it, it will ring true and clear, pinging for seconds, unlike regular potash glass.

In early modern Europe, lead crystal was used to make mosaic tiles of many different colours and vibrant hues. Ancient Chinese dynasties and Romans also used crystal for decorative purposes. It wasn’t until 1618 that George Ravenscroft began to produce clear lead crystal at an industrial scale. Crystal bowls, glasses and trays were made for high society in the 18th and 19th centuries. Now, vintage lead crystal is highly sought-after and Vinterior’s curated collection houses some of the finest examples.

Collectable crystal fruit bowls for your home

Crystal bowls can be used for the same purpose as when they were first made. Or you could choose to display your lead crystal collection. Some people choose to curate their own glassware gallery, full of handpainted coloured glass, crystal flower bowls, art sculptures, and more. Place your favourite pieces into a display cabinet and surround yourself with what you love.

By shopping with Vinterior, you can shop sustainably and give a new lease of life to vintage pieces of crystal glassware that would otherwise go unloved. Support our community of independent sellers and unearth your dream crystal bowl.

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