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Vintage Dressing Tables

Get ready in style, with vintage dressing tables that make you feel like a star. From matching 19th century sets to understated art deco designs, a vintage style dressing table gives you the perfect space to get ready, while enhancing the look of your room.

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Why you’ll love a vintage dressing table

Vintage dressing tables are a functional but fabulous addition to your bedroom or dressing room. They give you a dedicated space to get ready in and extra storage for jewellery, perfume and even decorative trinkets. There’s nothing quite like getting ready at a vintage style dressing table. Sitting in front of the mirror on a matching chair, you’ll feel a million dollars whether you’re getting ready for a day at work or a night on the town.

Dressing tables have been used for hundreds of years, so there are plenty of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. Wooden vintage dressing table sets are a popular choice. Made from mahogany, walnut, teak, oak and pine, these traditional styles are the epitome of old school elegance. These sets usually consist of a coordinating wooden chair or stool, a round or square mirror and the dressing table itself, so you have everything you need.

Art deco style vintage dressing tables from the thirties are understated but unmistakable. Think beautiful clean lines, curved edges, and fan shaped mirrors that stand out in any room. These styles often have a gloss or lacquered finish for that extra touch of luxury.

If you don’t need to sit down to get ready but want stylish storage with a mirror included, an antique drawer-style dresser is ideal. These beautiful dressers combine practical storage with ample tabletop space, giving you the best of both worlds.

Whatever your dream table looks like, you’ll find it in our collection of vintage dressing tables, which has been carefully chosen to include only the most stylish sets from across the decades.

Choosing the right vintage dressing table

There are some practical considerations when choosing your perfect vintage dressing table. If you’re going to use it for beauty and makeup, you’ll need to position it somewhere that has good natural light. The size and shape of your room is another factor. Most of the chairs that come in vintage dressing table sets are stools that fit neatly into the space in the middle of the dressing table, so even small rooms can house one. Drawers on either side of the chair provide useful storage for all sorts of items, and mirrors can often be tilted forwards and back, so you get the most flattering angles.

Why not go all out and create a decadent little corner complete with armchair or chaise longues where you can get your glamour on.

Decorating your vintage dressing table

Most vintage style dressing tables look stunning on their own, but if you want to elevate the look of yours further you can add a table lamp, decorative ashtray, candle holders, and an assortment of picture frames for a look that exudes old school allure.