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Your bedroom is a personal space, so is there not a better reason to add a piece of unique and individual furniture here that nobody else will have? With an upcycled dressing table, you don’t just bring individuality to your private quarters; you can also add charm, history, character and maybe even a backstory that gives you a sense of excitement every time you look at your dressing table. Every time you sit down to prepare yourself for bed or the challenges of the day ahead you’ll be greeted by an interesting and truly individual piece. If you’re new to the idea of upcycling furniture, you can check out the outstanding upcycled dressing tables currently listed here at Vinterior.

What does an upcycled dressing table look like?

Upcycled furniture, unlike many of our pieces from a particular period or style, has a unique charm, coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Something that was once a piece of furniture destined for disposal is transformed with creativity and imagination into something that anyone would be proud to have in their home. It’s the little touches that count with this kind of pre-loved furniture, making each piece as unique as its owner.

The final aesthetics of each upcycled dressing table will depend on the original materials and the vision of the craftsman who made it. They may smoothen out the legs or add detailed patterns, add a lick of paint or leave it looking rustic, as well as enhancing its durability, with carefully chosen varnishes and waxes. There really is no upcycling manual to work from and each dressing table can be completely different from the next.

What are the benefits of upcycled dressing tables?

Yet, there are more benefits to upcycled dressing tables than being able to maintain its rustic appeal easily. One of the biggest perks from choosing any upcycled furniture is that you know it has been handmade by talented craftsman rather than an industrial machine. This means that your dressing table is going to be a unique and bespoke piece designed specially to find a place in your home.

Any future wear and tear of your dressing table can even improve the charm and rustic feel of it. Especially for distressed upcycled dressing tables which welcome these unintentional imperfections as they add to their character. A new dressing table does not have this benefit as a scuff or mark can quickly detract from the appeal of the piece.

You should also be aware that by purchasing upcycled items you are not only helping to reduce the burden on landfill but that you are also helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your home. After all, your upcycled piece has utilised far fewer natural resources than a new dressing table fresh off a factory production line.

Explore our collection of upcycled dressing tables today

If you want to see some of the exceptional work completed by our artisan furniture makers and trade sellers, take a look around the site and see what awe-inspiring, unusual and truly individual upcycled dressing tables are on offer to add history and elegance to your bedroom. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing one today, the work being showcased provides a great way to unearth your creativity and understand more about upcycled dressing tables for future reference.