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Antique Dining Tables

Our antique experts considered both functionality and flair when putting our collection of antique dining room tables together. You’ll find a selection of characterful tables made from the 1700s onwards, in styles ranging from rustic and shabby chic perfect for farmhouses and barn conversions, to more polished and formal pieces that were originally made for the Georgians.
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Antique dining tables for sale

Sourcing reliable antique furniture that’s a match for both your vision and your budget can be tricky. Once upon a time, it meant going to multiple shops, auctions and dealers to find the right piece. Buying with Vinterior is so much simpler; we have 1,800 indie furniture sellers in our community, and all their offerings (which are handpicked by our expert team to make sure you’re seeing the best antique dining tables in the UK) are collected in one place. Shop for your new dining room table while sitting on your laptop at your old one. Using our advanced search, you can browse listings by shape and material, as well as by price, dimension, and many other considerations.

Antique round dining tables

There are many advantages to having a round dining table. Firstly, the circular shape creates more space than a rectangular surface does, both on the table and around it. It’s easier to circumnavigate a round table, and in the middle of a room with straight edges, they create a hub for family life—a place to eat and play games at closer quarters. Since everyone’s facing the same way, you’ll find it easier to chat during mealtimes. Round tables are particularly suited to smaller kitchen / dining rooms as, by taking out the corners, you save valuable space. We have a wide variety of antique round dining tables, in different sizes and styles, available in our collection.

Antique oak dining tables

Oak is a hardwood that has been used to make furniture for thousands of years. It’s found in abundant supply in Europe and North America, which accounts for some of its popularity as a material. Other features that make it ideal for carving furniture include its gorgeous, almost golden colour, and its ability to withstand considerable wear and tear over prolonged periods of time. The oldest oak dining table in our collection dates from 1780. This simple yet elegant piece was originally made for a French refectory and would look right at home in a rustic farmhouse set up. If, however, you are looking for an alternative style, you can view our entire collection of antique oak dining tables.

Centrepieces for antique dining tables

Dress up your dining table for fancy dinners using complimentary vintage items, including elegant candle holders, expertly blown glass vases filled with flowers, and exquisitely made vintage cutlery, all available from Vinterior.