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Vintage minimalist bedside tables

Mid-century modern style sought to create pieces that were fresh, clean and, above all, practical for use in the increasingly fast-paced lifestyle of the modern world. The early days of the minimalist movement can be seen as a natural evolution from the ornateness and complexity of previous artistic movements. While the romantic shapes and intricate patterns of Art Nouveau, and the luxurious layering of industrial materials in the Art Deco period had been popular, in many homes it was deemed to be time to strip things back.

Since the 1950s, the minimalist trend has continued in various forms and in many contemporary styles of the 21st century, there are many homes in which things are kept crisp, clean and entirely clutter-free. But it is worth remembering that being minimalist doesn’t mean avoiding furniture altogether. Instead, it means choosing your pieces carefully and utilsing furniture that provides optimum storage capacity.

If you want minimalist bedside tables that are also rich in character, to complete the look of a master bedroom, children’s room or guest room, a great place to start is by having a look at mid-century modern style pieces. This period in furniture design is as popular today as when it was first created. A big influence on what we now call mid-century modern was the Scandinavian aesthetic of designers like Børge Mogensen, Finn Juhl, Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner. You can find original pieces by all these designers in perfect condition to this day.

Mid-century bedside tables will typically be streamlined, symmetrical and unembellished. The typical look for a bedside table in this minimalist style would be a body in polished Danish teak or walnut, matching wooden or plastic handles, and chrome casters.

If you fancy a bedside table that’s a little more contemporary, choose a 1970s or 80s minimalist piece with a touch of the space age about it. Features of furniture from this era include bold, fluid shapes, pastel colour palettes offset with bold sheens and eye-catching silver details.

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Incorporating minimalist bedside tables in your home

There are many reasons why vintage furniture is far superior to the modern, mass-produced imitations of today. Heritage pieces come with their own story, bringing character and charm to your home and they are built with care and skill. If you decide to invest in a mid-20th century minimalist bedside table, you will immediately know that the craftsmanship behind a premium mid-century bedside table has already proved itself to be incredibly durable and so there is no reason why these pieces won’t last another lifetime.

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