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Industrial Chests of Drawers

Strip away all the fuss and keep it basic with an industrial chest of drawers. After all, your bedroom deserves an uncluttered look and relaxed feel. Our industrial chests of drawers and tallboys offer striking and eye-catching designs that’ll rock any room. We’ve got colours, budgets and materials to suit everyone and every home.
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  • Why choose an industrial style chest of drawers?

    A chest of drawers is an essential piece of furniture for any home. They look great and keep your clothes, accessories and bits and bobs organised. They’re also very versatile; their natural home is in a bedroom or dressing room, but they can be put in dining rooms or lounges and used as sideboards. Functional is the best way to describe them. And what’s more functional than industrial furniture? When you choose an industrial chest of drawers, you aren’t only choosing a storage unit, you’re choosing a minimalist statement piece. You can say so much by saying so little with an industrial chest of drawers. These sleek and stylish pieces cut through the noise and effortlessly organise the clutter. Industrial chests of drawers can be paired with a variety of styles. They look great when put next to rustic furniture, and they can also complement Scandinavian modern furniture too. Industrial furniture was designed for use in factories and workplaces, which means it uses high-quality, solid and sturdy materials. So, if you want durable chests of drawers that’ll last for years, choosing industrial is the right choice.
  • Which styles of industrial chests of drawers does Vinterior sell?

    Need a functional and attractive chest of drawers? Looking for the ultimate storage unit without losing too much floor space? We’ve got chests of drawers that have your name on them. In our collection, you’ll find industrial chests of drawers that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Save space with a tallboy or opt for deeper and more spacious drawers with a regular chest. Choose how many drawers you want. We’ve got industrial chests of drawers with 4, 6, 8 and 12 drawers. We also have industrial chests of drawers with over 30 drawers. Industrial furniture has been around for centuries. Originally, it was designed with a primary focus on practicality and simplicity. But our stunning industrial chest of drawers date back to the 1700s, 1800s, 1900s and 2000s and are also stylish in their simplicity. Want a chest of drawers that fits in with your colour scheme? Our industrial chests of drawers come in a variety of colours. You’ll find natural browns, sleek greys, stunning blacks, earthy greens and painted options in bold colours such as reds and blues. Functionality and practicality are at the forefront of the industrial movement. So you’ll find industrial chests of drawers made from solid woods and sturdy metals. Choose from oak, pine, teak, iron, steel, brass and many other materials. Why not keep your room looking industrial and practical by coupling your chest of drawers with an industrial wardrobe and some industrial wall art?