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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Chaises Longues

Antique Chaise Longues

The chaise longue is the epitome of elegance. Extravagant, stylish and an all-around signature piece to add to your collection or home. With its roots in the ancient Egyptian and Greek eras, as well as being evocative of neoclassical French style, the antique chaise longue holds its own unique design history. Perfect for adding to any style-conscious living room as an additional piece for reading or reclining, or as a decorative addition to a bedroom or study, a Victorian chaise longue might just be the antique piece you never knew you needed. Our impressive range of antique styles boasts any colour palette you’re craving. Whether it be deep emerald elegance or playful purple poplin, we’ve got the colour to match your home, or to be a bold standout statement. With beautiful, rich hardwood frames and intricately woven fabric upholstery, we just know that we’ve got the perfect chaise longue for you.

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Antique chaise longues for your home

If you want to emulate the Renaissance masters’ paintings of the ancient gods being fanned while eating grapes, then an antique chaise longue is most definitely for you. Unique and distinctive, these pieces are a great asset to your home for their visual appeal and comfort. Antique chaise longues especially suit coordination with other French furniture of the classic style.

Origins of the antique chaise longue

These chairs have been traced all the way back to 3000 BC. Originally made in materials such as wood, ivory or ebony, chaise longues were actually very popular in Ancient Egypt and Greece. Often chaise longues were used for public Greek events, where the chair would be draped in layers of fabric and cushions. The Romans took it even further by coining a name for eating on this specific style of chair, accubatio, the act of reclining at the table.

In recent popular culture, the chaise longue is traditionally associated with neoclassic French-style boudoirs or the offices of psychoanalysts originating from the Victorian style. In France in the 16th century, they were used by aristocrats to lounge and rest in the company of friends or alone during the day. In the 19th century, it was then connotated with femininity as a decadent throne for women without having to leave their bedrooms.

Common types and styles of Victorian chaise longue

The Méridienne

This chaise longue has a single headrest and backrest which tapers off. This results in an asymmetrical appearance. The user can recline without fear of falling backwards or sideways. They are usually upholstered for maximum comfort.

The Récamie

In contrast, the récamie has a backrest at either end of the chaise longue which is their defining feature. This piece is symmetrical but has no back. This chair is named after Madame Récamier who popularised the style of chaise longue in 1800 after posing on one for her portrait.

The Duchesse Brisée

This chaise longue often incorporates two or three separate pieces of furniture. This is likely two chairs and a footstool in between. They can be used together or separately.

Whatever chaise longue you have your eye on, we’re sure to have something in our collection to match. Explore the collection today.

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