Walnut Sideboards

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Walnut is an excellent material to work with. Just ask the craftspeople, independent boutiques and furniture dealers we collaborate with to deliver the largest collection of vintage, antique and reclaimed furniture online! Solid walnut in particular provides the toughness needed to ensure durability and longevity, which is why many of our vintage and antique items use walnut as their base material. Thanks to its robustness, walnut is a great choice for the creation of more complex furniture items, with antique mantlepieces and ornate headboards popularly made from this particular hardwood. Our walnut sideboards demonstrate why using walnut works in furniture design. Explore our collection today to see why this popular, characterful and sophisticated wood type is a great option for your home.

What’s so great about our antique walnut sideboards?

Our extensive collection of antique walnut sideboards is evidence of walnut’s extremely tough reputation. These sideboards have been built to last, with many pieces originating from the early 19th century, proving that walnut can last a lifetime and beyond.

When browsing our range, you may come across the stunning quarter cut Biedermeier. This beautiful sideboard was designed and crafted circa 1900 but, thanks to the walnut material and the tender loving care provided by previous owners, it remains in excellent condition. This piece also showcases walnut’s diverse shades. One of the more interesting hardwood types to look at, the characteristically straight grain is offset by the stunningly toned, naturally bold marble effect that most of our antique walnut sideboards so proudly display. Our walnut sideboards are available in a vast selection of colours, ranging from very light shades to deep brown, almost black, tones.

How can I find the right vintage walnut sideboard?

While the majority of our antique sideboards embrace the more iconic, marble effect colouring, our vintage walnut sideboard range is full of retro items that celebrate the straight grain that comes naturally to this specific hardwood. Hailing mostly from the mid-century, our vintage walnut sideboards provide style and storage in abundance, emphasising the characteristically straight grain and delivering a uniform look. Many sport a lighter appearance to accentuate the neater grain pattern further. A design element that makes our mid-century walnut sideboards a particularly popular choice for more modern or minimalist interior design schemes.

Whether you are going vintage, antique or reclaimed with your sideboard choice, buying from us is certainly recommended. As lovers of all things crafted and high quality, we connect you with the unique furniture finds you need to ensure the perfect finish for your newly decorated space.

Walnut sideboards: why shop with Vinterior?

Our walnut sideboards are particularly popular choices for vintage fans and antique lovers wanting to invest in a durable and characterful furniture piece that is distinctive. Thanks to their vintage, antique or upcycled status, many of the walnut sideboards you’ll see in our collection are one-of-a-kind, meaning the look you create courtesy of your décor and furniture choices won’t be replicated by envious neighbours or visitors. Our walnut sideboards may look stylish but they also provide the practicality you need to make your home unique and useful.

Ready to embrace the benefits that our walnut sideboards unlock? Shop our range of walnut sideboards to create a truly individual look in your home.