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Marble Sideboards

There is no doubting that a sideboard is a useful home addition. We all try to avoid allowing our homes to get too cluttered, and the ample storage a sideboard provides goes a long way to helping us achieve that sleek, magazine-ready look. But while storage is an important consideration in any interior setting, sideboards aren’t just a practical home addition. They can also act as a stylish statement piece to draw the eye and sparks conversation. A luxury sideboard can instantly elevate the way your home feels, so why not consider elegant materials like marble for your storage unit? Discover a stunning selection of marble-topped sideboards right here at Vinterior.

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  • Why choose a marble-topped sideboard?

    Storage is a key factor in all home design, and the sideboard the ultimate piece of furniture for tackling everyday clutter. With a sideboard, you get ample space for tidying away dishes, glasses, drinks, books, magazines, papers and kids toys. On top of that, you also get a generous surface area for some creative and attractive décor. Whether you use family photographs, a floral display, decorative plates or ornaments, a sideboard is a great opportunity to dress up a room and make it feel more like your own.When you choose a marble top sideboard however, you don’t need to add anything to make it a decorative feature. Marble is one of the rare materials that is so intrinsically linked with luxury, giving an instant sense of decadence. The unique patterns and veining this stone offers are due to the mix of materials and limestone, creating an individual mix of hues and colours. Practically speaking, marble is also highly durable, able to withstand heat, impact and the wear and tear brought on by time. This is why, like contemporary options, antique marble tops are so desirable.
  • Introducing marble sideboards into your home

    If you really want to bring luxury into your home, choose an antique marble sideboard with all the flourish and opulence of historical Italian and French designs. Look out for key elements like the use of walnut, a serpentine front design and symmetry in its placement of drawers and cupboard space. The shiny finish and intricate wood grains on many of these pieces mean they make a statement in any setting, and should be reserved for your most elegant interior space. As such, antique marble sideboards are the perfect fit for a traditional dining room area, or an impressive entrance hall. They can also make an impact in a decadent living area or parlour room.Mid-century marble top sideboards possess their own sense of luxury, more suited to modern interiors. These pieces use materials like teak as well as walnut to create heavily streamlined sideboards that feature clean lines, handle-less doors and slim legs. These pieces work perfectly in any modern living room, kitchen or even in the bedroom in place of a chest of drawers.
  • Why shop for marble sideboards at Vinterior?

    You won’t find a higher quality or more extensive range of marble sideboards than the one right here at Vinterior. Our collection features thousands of premium home additions, including vintage, antique, retro and contemporary furniture from more than one thousand sellers, brands and designers.See for yourself just how eclectic a marble top sideboard can be, and get inspired to transform your home with fantastic furniture. Simply browse the Vinterior collection today.

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