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Our vintage and antique furniture items are always guaranteed to put you top of the class in the interior design stakes. But there are a few items in particular that have the potential to create a real wow factor in your home. The use of vintage school desks has exploded in popularity in recent years. Home improvers and interior designers alike are using these iconic, statement pieces to add charm, character and intrigue to a range of rooms, from lounges and home offices to children’s bedrooms and playrooms. Our vintage school desks not only look the part, they’re incredibly practical pieces of furniture, too. The quality of our vintage, antique and reclaimed items makes them useable, not just a relic to observe from the past. Relive the best days of your life by working our nostalgic vintage school desks into your interior. Shop the collection today here at Vinterior.

Why choose vintage school desks?

While during your time at school, the last thing you would have thought about was how cute and charming your desk was, the vintage school desks we took for granted back then are stylish statement pieces now. More commonly seen in children’s bedrooms thanks to their compact size, vintage school desks add a playfulness to interiors that you just don’t get with other furniture items. A number of our trusted sellers offer sweet school desks and chairs for your perusal, presenting the beautiful pieces needed to give a nod to your school days and encapsulate a timeless look in your home.

Our collection of vintage school designs hail from various eras. Many are vintage and antique, whilst others have been upcycled to bring original pieces back to life using reclaimed materials and pure craftsmanship. Whether you are searching for a vintage, antique or reclaimed creation, the use of wood means quality is always on the agenda. Many of our vintage school desks stay true to the natural appearance of their wooden base materials. Others provide a pop of colour that helps to enhance their playfulness further. Take our upcycled vintage child’s school desk with flamingo leaf motif, just one of the colourful creations you may find among our listings. A far cry from its 1950s counterparts, this restored and painted school desk brings plenty of colour thanks to its flamboyant design.

Big kids will love our vintage school desks too and many of our sellers provide full sized creations that style home offices, libraries and living rooms stunningly. Our school office designs also provide a sturdy, characterful alternative for adults wanting to have their own slice of school day nostalgia and a novel storage solution.

Vintage school desks: styling your retro furniture

Going retro with your furniture is a great look, and one that has the ability to merge contemporary and traditional with fantastic results. At Vinterior, we showcase various retro school desk designs, each of which is as unique as the last. Continue your retro look by styling your school desk addition to perfection. Investing in accessories like vintage educational posters and old globes are all excellent ideas for cementing and expanding the vintage theme. Salvaged lettering can also be used to personalise your retro school desk or the surrounding space with your child’s name or a catchy motto.

Browse our range of vintage school desks today and fall in love with your school life all over again.