Victorian Cast Iron Fireplaces

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The fireplace is the focal point of any room and choosing the right style is one of the most important design decisions you will make in your home. With the advent of central heating, the traditional fireplace was seen as redundant, and they were often cruelly ripped out of homes. Over the years we have come to realise what a mistake that was and the traditional Victorian cast iron fireplace is very much back in fashion. There is nothing homelier than a roaring flame and the right fireplace will bring comfort and joy to your home for years to come. Browse the Vinterior website today to find the perfect cast iron fireplace for your home.

Why choose Victorian cast iron fireplaces?

Timelessly elegant, the Victorian fireplace is a stylish addition to the period home. Whether to home a traditional fire or a surround to a modern wood burner, the choice to buy a traditional fireplace will add an extra level of sophistication to your home. The Victorian period spanned several decades and there were a wide range of styles and tastes during this time. If you want to be one hundred percent authentic, knowing when your house was built will help in selecting something from that exact period. But it is not essential to get a perfect match as there are many from the Victorian era that will suit your home.

Not only will you be restoring your home to its original glory, but you will be adding to the character of your house by reclaiming something from the period rather than buying new. Even a modern home could benefit from a Victorian fireplace if matched sympathetically with the rest of the aesthetic. Tiled inserts were popular later in the century and choosing the original tiles or a modern reproduction can add a splash of colour and sophistication to your room.

The Victorian era was all about opulence and fire surrounds often come decorated with ornate panels depicting flora and vases which was a popular style at the time. Inserts and surrounds can be bought separately or come as a combination. You may wish to match a surround with an existing fireplace insert.

The iron backs on grates are often a thing of beauty. These decorative pieces may depict everything from Neptune to St George are a guaranteed talking point. Whilst we usually think about the sitting room when talking about fireplaces, they are often a feature of the dining room and the smaller pieces such as a cast iron dog grate would be a beautiful addition to a Victorian bedroom. You can cosy up in front of the fire knowing that you have rescued a piece of history and added a touch of Victorian elegance to your home.

Victorian cast iron fireplaces: why shop Vinterior?

Every one of our Victorian fireplaces is elegant and sophisticated and comes with a sense of history. Details are often provided on where the fireplace came from so you can trace its history back to the late nineteenth century. Each piece is as unique as it is stylish, and you can find one to match the exact date of your home or one that matches your decor. Whether you plan to have a roaring coal or log fire or merely use it as an ornate decoration for the bedroom, the Victorian cast iron fireplace is an ageless piece of elegance.

Browse our vast collection of Victorian cast iron fireplaces to find the perfect match for your home. Whether you are looking for tiled inserts or ornate panels, a simple iron grate or a majestic combination insert and surround, we have something for everyone.