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In a bedroom, a beautiful and functional bedside table is almost as important as the bed. Where else would you keep your smartphone, latest read, and other evening essentials? You can get bedside tables in a lot of styles made from different materials. One of the most popular materials used over the last century – thanks in large part to its popularity during the mid-century modern era – is teak. This hardwood has a lot to offer, as we’ll explain. But before we get into all the grains and grooves, why don’t you check out what a teak bedside table looks like in our current listings. All these items are sold by trusted and celebrated dealers who have passed the Vinterior benchmark.

What to look for in a teak bedside table

A teak bedside table can come in lots of different sizes and designs. Teak has been around for a long time and it’s been used to fit the styles of many periods. Our teak bedside tables are genuine vintage – they aren’t imitations. As we only work with the best furniture sellers in the business, we can guarantee that our teak bedside tables are beautiful crafted and made from only the finest materials.

A bedside table made from teak will usually offer some storage space such as a drawer or two and possibly an open compartment to keep your night cream, book and reading glasses.

But, what about teak itself? Teak is a hardwood with botanical origins and when it is milled, it has a light but pleasant leathery scent. Teak is used in furniture due to its exceptional durability, most notably its tensile strength. It is a solid hardwood that will keep your bedside table in good condition for many years to come.

Why buy a teak bedside table?

Choosing to buy a teak bedside table is a smart choice if you want a bedside table that is going to last a long time. Teak is exceptionally durable, has immense tensile strength and it’s also water-resistant. Some teak bedside tables can be very old and may become antiques if you hang on to them long enough in good condition. This is more possible with teak furniture because of the wood’s quality.

Teak bedside tables are not any less convenient than other bedside tables. They come with all the storage you’ll need for preparing for bed and a flat surface to place a bedside reading light. As you can get teak bedside tables from different decades showcasing many styles, there will always be a teak bedside table to match your tastes and preferences.

From a two drawer 1950s Johannes Andersen creation on slender legs to an elegant 1970s G Plan table with a shelf and formica top, you will find a piece for every bedroom and from a range of eras.

Shop for teak bedside tables with Vinterior

Now that you are an expert in teak bedside tables, why not consider one in your next bedroom interior renovation. Our marketplace is always at your fingertips to put you in touch with the best teak bedside tables from the best Britain has to offer in terms of dealers and boutiques.

We only work with the very best in the furniture trade, ensuring that your teak beside table is of the finest quality. Shop our collection of teak bedside tables now.