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Our silver vintage mirrors are incredibly popular with customers, not only due to their function but because they are beautiful to look at, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Silver vintage mirrors made appearances in a variety of eras, so you’ll be able to choose your mirror from almost any period in time. They bring beauty and opulence to a room and can act as either an extravagant focal point of a room or as a small, yet significant addition to an already well furnished area. Browse the huge range of silver mirrors we have featured here at Vinterior now.

What to look for from silver vintage mirrors

Today, silver vintage mirrors are incredibly valuable on the antique market. Before you decide on the kind of vintage mirror you want to buy, there are few things you should check. First, consider where you want to hang your silver vintage mirror. While most mirrors are selected for use in specific areas of your home, a good silver vintage mirror that fits perfectly almost everywhere within your house is what you need. The mirror should fit perfectly into any bedroom, hallway, living room or bathroom.

Give some thought to how you will be using it – if you have a firm practical need, it may be a good idea to go for something large with few embellishments. If you’re simply looking to brighten up a space, or add a decorative wall hanging, you are in a position to get creative and choose something a bit more daring.

If you are looking to add an extra tasteful touch to your bedroom or living room, you may wish to choose mirrors with elegant curves, fancy frames or even bold shapes. A Venus Art Deco overmantle mirror is a perfect example of a handmade piece that makes a real statement in your social space. While those mirrors framed in wood can feel cosy and wonderfully warm, remember that silver is a more reflective material and so it may be a better option if you are looking to maximise light – in a living room or hallway for example.

Why consider buying a silver vintage mirror?

A silver vintage mirror will not only enhance your living space, but it will make the room look larger, and help light travel through a room. This is most useful in tight hallways or smaller spaces in the home.

A large silver vintage mirror is also essential for making a statement in your space. Large silver vintage mirrors with decorative frames are bound to attract the eye. They are therefore usually placed on the most visually prominent tables or walls.

Shop for silver vintage mirrors with Vinterior

If you are looking to add that extra bit of luxury to your hallway, want to bring more light you’re your living room or simply want to turn your simple bathroom into something a touch more impressive, a silver vintage mirror can be an excellent solution. Our collection features some of the finest vintage pieces available from across the country, courtesy of our national network of more than a thousand sellers. By listing them all in one place, we make your furniture search a whole lot easier and you can find the right piece for you at the click of a button. Explore our range of silver vintage mirrors now and find your inspiration.