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Good lighting is the best kept secret in interior design. While many homeowners spend hours deliberating over wallpaper, paint, curtains and general colour schemes to bring life and light to a space, all too often electrical lighting is considered an afterthought. While chandeliers and pendants are terrific for central lighting, it is always important to add a more intimate layer of lighting to a room in the shape of table lamps.Shabby chic table lamps would be a welcome addition to any space in your home; instantly bringing an unapparelled warmth. And with hundreds of beautifully hand restored pieces varying from the antique to the charming and retro for you to browse through we have something to cater for your every need here at Vinterior.

Why choose shabby chic table lamps?

The soft inviting style and craftmanship of shabby chic table lamps are surprisingly versatile. Whether your home is modern and minimalist or classically opulent, a table lamp with a bit of unrefined charm might be just what you need to add an extra touch of character.

In any lounge area of your choosing this chic style will shine through and set the mood, making the space as homely and inviting as anywhere else in the home. Ambience in any area is incredibly important and a good lamp is key to setting it. Your table lamp should provide warm inviting light to produce a pleasant mood, simply highlighting the features of the room around it. These rare pieces will showcase the full potential of your space and be a special addition that are sure to be characterful and noticeable.

Bauhaus Shabby Chic Table Lamps & Lighting

Bauhaus lamps would be a perfect addition to any table you are trying to incorporate into any hard or industrial feeling area. The original and renowned qualities of these iconic lamps shines through in the form of practicality and characterful design, allowing it to easily mix with any space.

No matter what your stylistic preference you can easily choose one of the shabby chic pieces on display and not have it feel out of place with any modern space and furniture. The ornate details featured on some of our pieces can be both eye catching and subtle allowing you to incorporate them into any space effortlessly and make it stand out even further. Similarly, a pair of matching table lamps can add an ambient and calming order; mixed with a dark oak bedside table can enable you to make a statement through your choices and really play around with and see how easy the inclusion of shabby chic can be to any environment.

Why shop at Vinterior for Shabby Chic Lamps?

We love vintage furniture here at Vinterior because we believe in the importance of retaining those stylish, beautifully crafted pieces of the past, rather than resorting to new mass-produced items that are cheap to buy but instantly disposable. By choosing a vintage or retro table lamp in a shabby chic style, you can instantly add personality and a little touch of history to your room.

But don’t forget that we still love new furniture, too. We offer a collection of many thousands of items from over a thousand trusted sellers, and many of these items are actually very contemporary. We offer premium items with their own character and their own story to tell, whether new or old.

For setting ambience and illuminating the surroundings a perfect choice of lamp for your home is a must. Here at Vinterior you are sure to find your perfect table lamp no matter what your taste or style.

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