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A stool can be an underestimated addition to the home. You may think of stools as being simple, functional items but that would be to ignore the versatility and also the diversity of stools in the modern home. Here at Vinterior we have a huge range for you to choose from; you’ll see pieces ranging from the rustic and vintage to the more contemporary and modern. Explore our online store today to find your perfect shabby chic stool.

Why choose shabby chic stools?

Widely loved, the shabby chic look is as effective and beautiful now as it ever was. You will find adding any of our pieces to your home couldn’t be any easier. Be it your living room or bedroom; a shabby chic stool is destined to add character and allure. And there are a multitude of sizes and designs to fit any desire and need. Have you considered a rattan style stool? A truly stand out design, any of these pieces are sure to beautify and complement any kitchen or dining area. Informal and quirky to look at, soft woven wood and a minimalist finish provide a touch of warmth and practicality. Any soft wood shabby chic stool makes a great addition to any space with greenery or botanical items in your home; bringing an almost pastoral ambience.

Not just for the practical, a shabby chic stool can add to the centrepiece of any room and become just as eye catching itself. Added to any entrance in the home it can make a bold and welcoming introduction to any visitors; not only providing a space to be greeted warmly with but also an eye-catching introduction to your home. Pieces such as a vintage floral stool are sure to be instantly appreciated. With a soft hand painted finish and class exuding from the print atop, any rustic piece like this is sure to have visitors not only feeling at home but talking about it long after they’ve left.

Of course, it’s impossible to talk about stools without mentioning the tall bar stool style. As the popularity of kitchen islands, breakfast bars and peninsulas have grown, so the need for taller seating has become apparent. And what better way to bridge the gap between formal dining space and kitchen preparation space than with shabby chic bar stools. Whether you prefer wooden stools with worn leather seats or metal stools with wooden seats, a shabby chic stool fits with just about any kitchen.

A rustic, farmhouse kitchen is an obvious fit, but you will also find that shabby chic chairs go just as beautiful in rooms with an industrial or even modern, minimalist feel.

Why shop with Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior we have a truly unique collection for you to browse through. With a huge selection of pieces ranging from the ornate to the more contemporary, you are sure to find one perfect for you and your home. You’ll see the dedication and care gone into the craft and restoration of our pieces; unlike modern high street flat pack furniture each and every individual one of our items exudes history and character.

We sell new, too

Not just focusing on the classical and the ornate we also have a vast array of new and more contemporary pieces here at Vinterior; ensuring you never have to compromise no matter what your preference. Visit Vinterior today to find your shabby chic stool.