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Good lighting is the best kept secret in interior design. While many homeowners spend hours deliberating over wallpaper, paint, curtains and general colour schemes to bring life and light to a space, all too often electrical lighting is considered an afterthought. While chandeliers and pendants are terrific for central lighting, it is always important to add a more intimate layer of lighting to a room in the shape of table lamps. Shabby chic table lamps would be a welcome addition to any space in your home; instantly bringing an unapparelled warmth. And with hundreds of beautifully hand restored pieces varying from the antique to the charming and retro for you to browse through we have something to cater for your every need here at Vinterior.

Why choose shabby chic lamps?

Rustic and homely are two of the most frequently used words to describe shabby chic lamps, encapsulating the accessible luxury this style provides. However, while these are among the strongest traits of shabby chic furniture, there are a number of styles available to suit even the most traditional or modern space. We feature such pieces as timeless metallic swiss table lamps, and pieces designed by the world-renowned designers like Robert Haussmann. These lamps use sharp vibrant colours and chrome metal finishes to provide a sleek and slender design that possesses the feel of a modern lamp whilst retaining all the character and traits of a shabby chic piece.

Shabby chic lamps can also be introduced into more ornate and classical interior settings. Features such as gorgeous vintage oak add an instant touch of class and sophistication to any room. Whether on or off, these shabby chic lamps create a warm and welcoming ambience with intricately designed shades and lovingly crafted bases. Some shabby chic lamps even feature unique practical elements, such as hand carved shelves for storage on the base. This is a great example of how the shabby chic style truly embraces the harmony of function and elegance.

Why shop with Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior, we provide premium furniture bursting full of character and quality. We want you to find and fall in love with your ideal shabby chic lamp, and browsing our collection will make this easy to achieve. Restoration, upcycling and repurposing are frequent features in shabby chic furniture design, and as such you will discover a huge selection of lovingly crafted and restored lamps within our collection. The unique character and personality that each piece offers will truly bring a distinctive look, and with thousands of items to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to introduce into your home.

We sell new, too

Here at Vinterior, we haven’t just stuck to the classic and ornate. We also appreciate the beauty and skill involved in contemporary furniture, and as such we have a large selection of gorgeous new items to truly cater to any need. Modern pieces such as model tripod lamps showcase innovation and quality, featuring a unique mixture of copper and wood. Our contemporary pieces maintain all the character and charm you would expect from the finest vintage pieces.

You won’t just find furniture when you browse at Vinterior; you’ll also find inspiration. Exploring our vast collection of lamps and other pieces will help you achieve the most of your home décor, whether you prefer a sleek minimalist space or a homely and warm environment. Browse the shabby chic lamps here at Vinterior today and get inspired.

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