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If you want your home’s interior to make a grand statement to your guests, then you would do well to furnish your rooms with regency furniture. These items have significant character to make your interior stand out. You can find a broad range of Regency furniture, including dining chairs, here at Vinterior. These antique items are not always easy to come by, so by coming to the leading online marketplace in the UK you will give yourself the best opportunity to find a piece that is worthy of a place in your home. Explore our website today and find your inspiration.

Regency elegance

The regency period dates back to the early part of the 19th century. While the exact dates are open to interpretation, most commonly we would consider Regency furniture to have been made up to the 1830s. Regency dining chairs have some outstanding design features that will help you in identifying them.

Regency dining chairs are made from various types of durable wood, but one of the most common to be used is undoubtedly mahogany. Regency dining chairs in mahogany often come in sets with one or two of the chairs having arm rests, or more ornate arm rests to signify that those chairs are for the head of the table.

The wood will have exceptional detail and may be carved into curves. There may be hand painted designs – often in a gold colour – added to the backs of each chair. The upholstered section may be plain or may also have intricate patterns and details. Due to these dining chairs being so old, you can expect imperfections and signs of their age. This only adds to their character and charm, as well as verifies their authenticity.

Why buy Regency dining chairs?

There are lots of reasons to buy Regency dining chairs. They are truly stunning pieces of furniture crafted during a time of great invention and attention to detail in the furniture world. Any guest will feel like a member of royalty when dining with such grand furnishings. As they are antiques they are also an investment rather than a purchase – providing you continue to take good care of them. This isn’t something you can typically say about new dining chairs.

If the style and elegance of Regency dining chairs isn’t enough to persuade you to make a purchase, it is also worth bearing in mind that opting for an antique piece of furniture is significantly more sustainable than buying newly manufactured items of furniture – which drains valuable natural resources. By investing in pre-loved items of furniture you are helping to lower the carbon footprint of your home.

Overall, the character, beauty and uniqueness of these items is tough to match. If you want to make a statement, then regency dining chairs are your must-have furniture. You may also wish to consider other pieces from the era if you are keen to create a consistent look in your dining room. In particular, Regency dining tables, sideboards and mirrors are eye-catching and guaranteed to impress your dinner guests.

Shop for Regency dining chairs with Vinterior

If you would like to add Regency dining chairs to your next dinner party, do not waste any more time. Our marketplace is at your fingertips and boasts some of the most outstanding regency dining chairs that the era has produced.

If regency items are not on your interior renovation list, don’t worry. There are a host of other pieces from across the centuries. Our listings may also inspire your home renovations or help you decide on a furnishings style.