Mid Century Teak Dining Tables

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Vintage dining tables for both indoor and outdoor use are gaining popularity, and many home owners are turning to the mid-century for practicality and aesthetic appeal. Teak tables are becoming particularly desirable, and it isn’t hard to see why. The use of solid wood and sleek finishes make mid-century teak dining tables the perfect blend of luxury and accessible family living. The mid-century movement is known for producing some of the most functional and durable furniture designs, and dining tables from this era are no exception. See for yourself and get inspired by the collection of mid-century teak tables available here at Vinterior.

Why choose mid-century teak dining tables?

Furniture from the mid-century era is popular because it consists of a classic, understated look, made up of lines that reveal the beauty of simplicity. The style is functional and uncluttered with sleek lines and minimal decoration or ornamentation, resonating with the current trend for minimalism.

As a statement piece in the dining room or perhaps dining area of an open plan living area, a teak mid-century piece will catch the eye without overpowering a room. Where tables of the Georgian, Victorian and even Art Deco period were more bold and brazen, mid-century teak dining tables slide seamlessly into a space.

Whether you want to position a large rectangular table at the centre of a dining room or simply have space for a small round table to seat a family of four, the rich colour of a teak table will make it a welcoming place to sit and eat. For some of the best examples of mid-century tables in these shapes and styles, look to brands like Ercol and G Plan. Many of these teak dining tables feature extending sections and drop leaf elements, ensuring that they can function for both family meals and larger gatherings – such as dinner parties.

Introducing a mid century teak dining table into your home

Of course, the most obvious way to introduce a stunning mid-century dining table into your home is to feature it as the focal point of your dining area. The versatile and simplistic nature of mid-century designs means that teak tables from this period can easily be introduced into even the most traditionally or contemporarily designed space. However, the use of warm wood and sturdy manufacture on these pieces also makes them great for outdoor dining. Among an array of leafy plants, the sunny tones in the teak grain can really shine.

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