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Ceiling lamps are a crucial part of the décor in any room. But with so many stunning lamps to choose from, it can be difficult to choose between chandeliers and pendants, Art Deco and Industrial. Lamps aren’t just functional, they have the ability to completely transform a room, both with the light they cast and the design features they add to a space – which is why mid-century ceiling lamps make such fantastic investments. Mid-century ceiling lamps come in a variety of styles that reflect the versatility of the era itself. Browse a stunning collection of mid-century ceiling lamps right here at Vinterior.

Why choose mid-century ceiling lamps

Furniture from the mid-century era is having something of a renaissance currently. Perhaps the reason that the look is once again so popular is because the understated elegance of the lights from this era are compatible with so many other styles. Mid-century ceiling lamps can be described as uncluttered and sleek. With minimal ornamentation they can certainly not be described as ostentatious. Mid-century ceiling lights also incorporate a nice blend of traditional and non-traditional materials. The makers of these pieces also loved to experiment with contrasting pieces which brought an intriguing vibrancy from them.

A popular theme among those looking to incorporate a sense of mid-century nostalgia is to bring in the industrial theme. In lighting terms, this often means drawing on large metal pendant lights, often in silver but sometimes lacquered in black, blue, green or indeed any other accent colour to give your room that little bit of extra character.

While the mid-century style is often described as pared back, in the case of ceiling lights there are some exceptions. As styles began to evolve in the 60s and 70s and designers became more adventurous, we can see that there were some statement ceiling lights that really were intended to grab attention. Perhaps most famously, Sputnik chandeliers and starburst lights that featured elements of brass and other metals became popular. If you are looking to add a touch of intrigue in your living room or dining room, a Sputnik chandelier is a particularly strong choice – one you will often find among the listings here at Vinterior.

Incorporating mid-century ceiling lamps in the home

With mid-century design, you get a blend of nostalgia and forward thinking flair which cannot be replicated, meaning your home will possess something truly unique. The slim designs and sleek silhouettes of mid-century ceiling lights mean they are at once a statement piece and able to blend in with a variety of different settings.

Shop for mid-century ceiling lamps with Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior we are proud to showcase a huge range of mid-century ceiling lamps by a number of different designers. From vintage ceiling lamps that strongly reflect an industrial theme, through to those that have a space age futurism, to those that are more simple and understated, you are sure to find the piece that is right for you.

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We sell new, too

We also feature new ceiling lamps inspired by mid-century design and created by the finest current independent light makers and craftspeople. If you love the vintage look but want to by a newly created light fixing, you can find many beautiful pieces here at Vinterior, too.