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Kitchen dressers are classic furniture pieces that look wonderful in any home. Vintage and antique kitchen dressers are not just wonderfully practical but are also incredibly stylish, bringing a touch of rustic appeal to any dining room, living room or kitchen. Find beautiful antique and vintage kitchen dressers at Vinterior and add style and heritage to your home.

The life and times of kitchen dressers

Originally conceived as a way of displaying valuable pewter and plates, kitchen dressers have evolved over the years. It is believed that all kinds of dressers originated from the short table known as the “low boy” which featured drawers in two tiers. Originally a form of side-table, the low boy changed gradually over the years, adding extra height and more drawers.

Kitchen dressers as we know them today date back to the 1700s although at that time they were only the preserve of the wealthy. A century later and they had begun to move into rural homes and it is this idyllic countryside environment that we now so often associate with a classic dresser.

Kitchen dressers come in many styles, from the utilitarian to the decorative. Some have features which are heavily associated with the region from which they originate – the Welsh dresser being an especially prominent example.

While some have panelled backs, others will have an open back in its upper section. Most have open shelving on their upper unit, but some have closed shelved cabinets above.

Why choose kitchen dressers?

Vintage and antique dressers are not just stylish but also incredibly practical to the huge amount of storage they provide. The base unit usually features cabinets but also sometimes shelves or drawers too, which allow for storage of food or crockery while the upper racks are designed to display attractive china and kitchen paraphernalia.

Dressers may be made from many types of wood, although oak, mahogany and rosewood are popular. Pot board dressers are especially rustic in appearance, while the Arts and Crafts-style dressers are sturdy and minimalistic without ornate detailing. Some dressers remain in their original wooden condition while others have been painted or upcycled for a modern new look.

Whether you prefer the simple rustic look or a more decorative and detailed dresser, you’ll find something to inspire you at Vinterior.

Should I buy a vintage kitchen dresser?

It can be difficult to find a piece of modern mass-produced furniture that can perform the twin functions of being both practical and decorative at the same time. Vintage kitchen dressers manage to accomplish both feats admirably, with plenty of useful storage that allows homeowners to store away plates, food and other essentials out of sight and upper shelving which allows for an attractive visual display of beautiful china or other aesthetically pleasing kitchenware.

In the past, furniture was built to last. Dedicated craftsmen used quality materials to produce beautiful pieces that were both robust and appealing, so when you invest in a vintage dresser you can be confident that you are buying something which will grace your home for years to come.

Perhaps the best advantage of buying a vintage piece, however, is the character and personality which it brings into the home. An original dresser has a flair all its own which enables you to put a truly unique stamp on your property.

Find vintage kitchen dressers at Vinterior

Vinterior’s range of kitchen dressers will offer you all the inspiration you need to design the perfect rustic living space in your home. With a selection of vintage pieces that encompass a wealth of colours, styles and shapes, Vinterior can help you to add authenticity and heritage to any room, so check out our collection here today.

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