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Turn your shelving into a statement feature of your home, by investing in an industrial corner shelf. Shelving isn't just a tool to show off other furnishings, it should be a key statement in and of itself (it takes up entire walls in your home after all). If your shelving is simply a bland vessel for other, more interesting things, then it's time to take action.

A vintage industrial shelf is a brilliant way to bring some style and character into your home. Gorgeous and dramatic, they help to transform your living room, kitchen, bedroom or hallway into a bold, rugged space with plenty of personality. If you want to show off your TV, books, or treasured ornaments on something worthy of the honour, buy a vintage industrial shelf. A range of these beauties is available at Vinterior.

Choosing a vintage industrial corner shelf

Industrial shelving can be big or small, but it should always serve to draw the eye the eye. Consider which areas of your home would benefit from some dramatic new storage options. It might be that your living room is suffering from 'bland white unit' syndrome, or that the books in your study are resting on an ancient plywood eyesore. This is where vintage industrial corner shelving comes to the rescue. Whether it's a single metal floating sheet – perfect for a prized ornament or beautiful plant – or an entire unit of reclaimed timber and industrial piping, where your TV, consoles and books can stand in pride of place, the space will be totally transformed by a single piece of characterful furniture.

Why shop for a period corner shelf at Vinterior?

After barely three years of trading, Vinterior is already one of the largest and most trusted marketplaces for vintage furniture on the web. This is because we only deal with verified sellers, meaning all the vintage furniture we sell is of the highest quality. We are dedicated to preserving the legacy of historical furniture, by filling the homes of Britain with one-of-a-kind pieces.

As much as we love pre-loved furniture we also feature a range of upcycled and modern artisan creations that exhibit the same beauty, craftsmanship, and personality of a period piece.

Why choose a retro corner shelf?

But why are we so passionate about vintage and antique furniture? What does a vintage industrial corner shelf have that a modern alternative doesn't. Well, that's a question with multiple answers.

Firstly, and most importantly, every vintage industrial corner shelf has a completely unique character. One may be made from scaffolding from a building site, another from the floorboards of a school. The beauty of the industrial aesthetic is that this history is evident on the surface of the object, meaning that when you buy a vintage industrial corner shelf instead of a mass-produced imitation, you will have a completely distinctive piece of furniture with its own particular legacy.

Secondly is how strong vintage industrial shelves typically are. If your shelf is made from scaffolding that held up an entire building crew, or the deck of a ship, it will be more than cable of holding up a few books.

We love new and upcycled industrial corner shelves too

Lastly, the amount of repurposing and upcycling of materials that goes into the construction of vintage industrial corner shelving means that it is one of the greenest ways to furnish your home. No material goes to waste, so you can buy all new furniture, completely guilt-free. So if you're looking to add some grandeur to your home with an industrial corner shelf, explore the wide and varied collection here at Vinterior.