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A family that eats together stays together – so the saying goes. This is one of the many reasons that we are passionate about our collection of inviting dining tables at Vinterior. The Georgian era was considered a golden age of furniture design, with Chippendale being the most prominent of all designers of the time. In our busy modern age, it is hard to find time or the inclination to make a meal and sit down together as a family. When you invest in a genuine Georgian dining table, you will be eager to put some time aside and all gather around with your loved ones. A Georgian dining table is inviting, welcoming and due to its grand and luxurious feel, you’ll feel like royalty as you enjoy a meal with your family and friends. Great for holding dinner parties, and due to its age a Georgian dining table will start as a great conversation piece. Each of our Georgian dining tables is entirely unique and we rarely have two of the same kind, so if you fall in love with one of our tables, be sure to buy it quickly.

Why choose Georgian dining tables?

The excellent Georgian design can be seen in all of our Georgian dining tables – one thing in particular you may notice is that a lot of our dining tables feature drop-leaves. Dining tables in previous eras had often been cumbersome and too large for most homes. A drop-leaf table is fantastic for a growing family, or for a home that is lacking in dining space.

Entertaining was an important part of living in the Georgian era, and had become immensely popular. The drop leaf table gave a young, sociable couple the opportunity to host dinner parties at a moment’s notice. Design isn’t just about looks – it’s also about practicality and functionality and being able to adjust to a new era with new needs. The drop leaf table is a great example of how furniture design had moved forward.

Amongst the many different tables you will also find much larger, luxurious dining tables that would not look out of place in a palace or large stately home. If you have a big dining room, you can really make an impact with one of our Georgian dining tables, some several feet long.

All of our Georgian furniture is genuine vintage, and we work with only trusted sellers. None of our furnishings are remakes or recreations; they’re authentic antiques and will therefore have been made with traditional methods. Machinery was incredibly limited back in the Georgian era, so every piece you see in this collection will have been crafted and nurtured by hand, by a skilled craftsman. You don’t often see this is furniture today – most modern furniture is machine made with very little human involvement.

When you see genuine Georgian furniture, you will be delighted by the exquisite craftsmanship and how well made your purchase is. Even though our Georgian desks are hundreds of years old, they will last far longer than a more modern desk due to the use of materials and the care taken in its design and build. Your Georgian desk is an investment you will enjoy for many years to come.

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