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The Georgian period was one of the finest furniture making eras in this country’s history. The late eighteenth and early nineteenth century saw the rise of some of the best-known furniture makers the UK has produced, such as Sheraton and Chippendale. The first half of the period was known for its heavy, sturdy pieces whilst the latter half adopted a much lighter feel. Both are very much in evidence in Vinterior’s range of Georgian cupboards. Explore Vinterior today to find a cupboard and style that suits your home.

Why choose Georgian cupboards?

While the Georgian period spanned more than a century, quality craftsmanship was evident throughout. Whether on large imposing pieces such as a large oak press cupboard or a simple mahogany pot cupboard, you can’t help but admire the work that has gone into making them. No matter the size of your home, storage will always be an issue and finding a storage solution that is both practical and stylish is a problem we all wrestle with. Vinterior’s collection of Georgian cupboards solves this issue with a range of elegant pieces that will fit perfectly into homes of all sizes.

The delightful, generous proportions will be the first thing you notice about a large oak press but look a little closer and you will marvel at the pegged joints and master craftsmanship. In a piece that has been around for well over two centuries, the waxed oak still gives a warm, russet finish and highlights the fabulous patina in the wood. The Georgian era also produced a number of pieces that were crafted inventively to fit into alcoves and corners. In fact, there are a wide range of corner cupboards offering elegant but functional space saving solutions.

A bow-fronted mahogany hanging wall cupboard is a perfect example of the stylish elegance of the period and would fit perfectly into a Georgian-styled home or as a one-off piece in a more contemporary setting. Features such as striking boxwood diamond-shaped key escutcheon, moulded cornice and lower edge make this a stand out piece. Original backboard and an early green paint finish give the extra level of authenticity that is so popular. Smaller pieces are no less elegant and an oak corner cupboard on a stand with delightful fluted detail would bring a small corner of your sitting or dining room to life.

Georgian cupboards: shop with Vinterior

At Vinterior, we pride ourselves on not only offering classic antique and vintage furniture but also on offering unique pieces that deliver something a little bit different in your home. A rare mahogany corner cabinet, c1780 offers a glorious inset frame string detail. The central marquetry cartouche in yew features Britannia, her shield displaying the pre-1801 King's Colours Great Union Flag.

If you are looking for a truly unique storage solution, how about searching for an early 19th Century Elm Dough Bin? The lid lifts up to reveal two compartments inside where the bread mix was placed to prove overnight and now provides ample storage space. It will definitely provide a stunning conversation piece for your guests.

Whether you prefer classic or quirky, delicate or imposing, the Vinterior range of Georgian cupboards offers something for all tastes and decors.

Are you looking for a storage solution that is both elegant and practical? Browse Vinterior’s fantastic range of Georgian cupboards to find the perfect solution for your home.

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