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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products


Vintage Storage and Cupboards in London

No matter the size of your home one thing always rings true. There is never enough storage! Whether it’s an overflowing ‘messy cupboard’ (we’ve all got one), groaning bookshelves or bursting at the seams wardrobes there just never seems to be enough storage space for all our stuff. Solve that problem in style with our range of vintage storage cupboards available in London.

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Vintage storage cupboards in London by room

Find chic clothing storage options with armoires or tallboys. Larger spaces can handle freestanding vintage wardrobes. But even cosy corners can benefit from a versatile blanket box. Our tip? Pop a vintage cushion on top of a storage box and make it do two jobs in one with a practical extra seating solution as well as a perfect hidey hole for linens or towels. FYI they can also be used in sitting rooms in place of coffee tables and are a godsend for anyone who needs to do the ‘visitors tidy’ of sweeping everything away five minutes before guests arrive. Need room to double up as a living space and a home office? Modular shelving options like the iconic mid-century Ladderax system means you’ll have space to both work and house books, decorative treasures and ornaments. Sweep the laptop away come evening and no one will be any the wiser. Entrance halls can earn their keep with a slim sideboard - perfect for secreting away those leaving the house essentials like hats, scarves and umbrellas or as a place to keep post and keys. Hang a mirror above and you’ve got a final check point before you run out the door. It’s the perfect use for your vintage storage London finds. Foodies who are low on kitchen cupboard space can look to pretty and practical Welsh dressers, which are also the perfect place to display your glassware treasures.

Buying your vintage storage cupboard in London

In our capital city space is at a premium. It’s likely if you live in London you need every inch of your home to work hard. But you also want it to look good. That’s why a vintage storage cupboard is the perfect Vinterior buy for London dwellers. Forget identikit flatpack shelving or perfunctory plastic boxes. The right vintage storage cupboard in London keeps everything perfectly arranged and is a statement piece of furniture in itself. Browse our selection of hand curated buys from over 1,800 dealers and boutique suppliers and find the one for you. Think outside the box when it comes to purpose too. What was once a chic art deco cocktail cabinet can be transformed into a super cool alternative to a bedside table. And former fittings and fixtures like haberdashery counters or display cabinets are the perfect way to show off your treasures. Browse our collection of vintage storage cupboards in London and find your perfect piece. Looking for even more? Take a peek at our full selection of vintage storage.

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